This was just the absolute worst recipe for my waistline. My mom has been telling me 4/5 is the magic age…haha. It had so much flavour and texture.. Yummers! As an aside, my brother who is an omnivore with celiac disease, came to visit and we were preparing meals from your cookbook. Used this recipe as a filling for cabbage rolls today! After I saw that I realised you are a fellow Canadian! Made this last night and everyone, even my meat eaters absolutely loved this! Looks super protein-packed- in a hearty, healthy way… and taco filling? First off, a few commenters have suggested using a mix of flours in order to healthy-up these cinnamon buns, and I would like to second this suggestion. Thank you for sharing. It was DELICIOUS. These look yummy going to share and try making them. This recipe is fantastic! Maybe oats or soaked whole buckwheat. Thank you Sooo good, thanks! :), Angela, I’ve made these a couple of times and I love the make ahead option! But it looks so good that I really want to make it anyway! I work at a hospital and this past week was Nurses Week which means Cinnabon was giving out free cinnamon rolls. The foods i truly miss are meatloaf and beef stew. Melt 1/3 cup butter in a small saucepan over low heat. Where I live (Toronto area) I’m able to find it in a lot of grocery stores (Fortinos, Longos, Loblaws stores) or if you’re not in Canada I’m sure a lot of grocery stores in the US carry Earth Balance as it is an American company! I get loads of compliments on these. Tightly cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place it in the oven with the light on (or simply in a warm, draft-free area). I have all of the other ingredients note in your post. I love the idea of splitting it into two small loaf pans. We just picked up your cookbook today and I am excited to try your recipes. Hi Danielle, I apologize for the photo confusion. Thanks so much for sharing! Can these be made ahead by a week or so and frozen? to of and a in " 's that for on is The was with said as at it by from be have he has his are an ) not ( will who I had their -- were they but been this which more or its would about : after up $ one than also 't out her you year when It two people - all can over last first But into ' He A we In she other new years could there ? Ummmm YES PLEASE. substancial - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. :-/. Hey Suzanne, Oh I’m so glad it turned out so well even with the tweaks! Delicious! Looking to make this a bit fancier for Christmas dinner. The dough was soft and easy to roll out, but my rolls did not rise at all during the 45 minute rise after rolling and cutting. Does that mean two 14 oz cans or 14 ounces of lentils? Vegan Cinnamon Rolls (with make-ahead option!) It was getting late and my Dad claimed he would only have a bite because he was going to bed soon… he ended up having a whole one and then 20 minutes later asked for another one!! Pour the wet yeast mixture over the flour and stir with a large wooden spoon. Where did you end up eating? Can’t wait to try these, I really love cinnamon rolls, and these being vegan makes it even better! I do not know. I’ll try using this broken up in taco’s, and I might even try a “meatloaf” sandwich for the first time in my Life! You nailed it! Thanks so much! These look delicious!!! These are seriously the best vegan cinnamon rolls I’ve ever seen!!! It’s too easy to get lulled into thinking ‘because it’s vegan, nutrition data isn’t important’….. a calorie is a calorie no matter where it comes from. It was like perfect texture with that short and chewy cinnamon heaven in the middle. I’m pretty sure Earth Balance has a palm oil free version , though I’m not sure it’s soy free…. I baked mine for 26 min at 350 and the tops were nicely brown, but after cooling I found that the center buns were undercooked on the bottom and still doughy. My 19-month old asked me for more 3 times!! Vegan Cinnamon Rolls (with make-ahead option!) I’m in Ottawa and have only been able to find 19oz cans of lentils which will throw off the proportions of this recipe. So here’s my tweaks in case it helps anyone: Would it be possible to make these gluten free? My guys are almost seniors and I wish I could say it gets easier – in some ways it does (the physical demands decrease) – really it just gets demanding in a different way. Does that make sense? Let us know if you try anything out. They are cafe quality! Maybe I’m not looking in the right place. Trying to drag my 18yo daughter along with me..ha! I updated the recipe as of Feb 2016 (which you’ll see in this post), so I wonder if the comments about dryness came before the update? Follow Angela on Instagram @ohsheglows, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, { 410 comments… read them below or add one }, Can’t wait to try these glorious gems <3 they look delicious! Great recipe! Very happy family members wanting seconds . So much healthier than this other nut loaf I make that has lots of cheese in it. The last time I made it, several family members asked if I could make extra and freeze it for them. I love making cinnamon rolls from scratch. ha!). Hope this helps! They turned out amazing! Dough is very forgiving, rose beautifully, very fluffy and it just melts in your mouth. The only thing that is a bit weird is that I never saw where the walnuts are supposed to be added in the recipe instructions. I hope you enjoy the other recipes in the book just as much. They can be prepped up to 18 hours in advance. Nice post! Can you make this ahead of time and bake it later? :). Hope this helps! Will you be blogging again soon? Or maybe it was just so good that I subconsciously cut bigger pieces! So excited to make it again for the 4th year in a row! Delish!! -I split the mixture between two loaf pans bc mine are smallish. Fortunately, the fruity undertones survived thanks to the oversized and very sweet apple I used. I do know that the cooked buns freeze very well if that helps at all (I like to warm the thawed cooked buns in the oven). I am hoping to make these for a girl’s weekend away. Flip the dough around so it gets lightly coated in the oil. It was super good!! Enjoy! Hey Nora, Twins–I can only imagine! i love it so much!!! Does this make the loaf sweet? This recipe is a crowd-pleaser, perfect for special occasions or laid-back weekend mornings. they are so versatile and they glaze sounds like it would be amazing paired with them! Good luck! I also made the vegan cream cheese icing for the topping and it is the perfect consistency for spreading! Oh She Glows was one of the very first websites I discovered when I first went vegan almost 4 years ago. Sending you supportive vibes- and I’m sure my family will love these just like yours! thanks, daisy, Hi Daisy, Oh so glad to hear you are considering this recipe! I always look forward to a quiet moment (and believe me I have few) in which to check in and be invigorated by your words. Excellent recipe! We also have a hard time not inhaling the whole dish. Where do I find vegan butter? So happy to hear the recipe worked out so well for you. The mixture should be lukewarm—if it’s any hotter let it cool off for a minute. That's Strap on Ladies! I’m wondering if you have frozen the loaf before and how that worked out for you. So so good. Love this recipe, flavors are amazing! I would definitely make it again. Thank you ❤ (and sorry for my awful english). Lots of steps but it is absolutely worth it. :) Thank you again for your support! These were so delicious. It was delicious tho, which is why it will make a great topping for tacos and salads. I *think* this translates to about 1 1/2 cups of cooked/drained lentils so you could always measure out that amount for the recipe. These are better than Cinnabon! My extended family is very meat-centric and I am not. This recipe looks so good! mmm i bet mushrooms would be wonderful in this loaf! Some days you just survive. I live a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle which is oil-free so I substituted unsweetened applesauce instead of vegan butter in the dough, filling and pan sauce. Who doesn’t love that cinnamon bun scent? Hello! I think the walnuts may absorb a bit of moisture so you might be able to leave them out and just reduce the liquid a tiny bit. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. :). Some crumbling is normal if sliced while warm. Thanks for this awesome recipe! Spread the chopped walnuts onto the baking sheet. Even non- vegetarians enjoyed it :) thanks for posting it! I wasn’t sure if it would work or not! xoxo, hah thanks Gaby!! I’d love to hear what you try and how it goes. Delicious! Thanks for the love, Christina! Check out my blog,, for hundreds of allergy-friendly recipes. And OSG’s recipe tester Nicole tested it many times as well. :). But somehow I found her and each recipe I’ve made has been so delicious. One of the best things about being a Mom is other Moms! I’m so happy to hear that :), Could you food process the ingredients a little bit so there aren’t whole lentils? This looks amazing! Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. It’s making me want to do some baking! i like anything lentil based…burgers, loaf, soup….whatever! I promise, And thanks for your feedback. I’m so happy you and your aunts are loving them. Finally, stir in the grated apple, dried cranberries (or raisins), thyme, oregano, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and black pepper. I will definitely make them again next time. Regards Sammy, I’m sure they’ll love the surprise! The only issue I had with the dish is that the loaf came out mushy. Genius, Eric, genius. Wher can I buy the storage containers in the pantry section of cookbook #2? It was like perfect texture with that short and chewy cinnamon heaven in the middle. These cinnamon rolls will hopefully be a big hit and one less thing she feels like she has to live without! Meatloaf was a favorite of mine as a child and since I became a vegetarian a couple of years ago, I have been dying for something vegetarian. The photos are also beautiful as always! If you try it please let us know how it goes! I really appreciate your support!! Hah, love that description! Instead of plastic wrap I put the pan inside a clean, recycled grocery produce bag. I give 5 stars for these soft, delicious cinnamon rolls! Book: The Oh She Glows Cookbook: Over 100 Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out by Angela Liddon Price: $25.00 Overall Impression: Filled with recipes that will impress vegans and non-vegans alike. They are all set in the positive – what to do, not what to don’t. Just wondering if this could be made a day in advance and if so, how would I preserve it? I did 1 1/3 cups using whole wheat BREAD flour (I find whole wheat pastry isn’t great in anything yeast-based), plus a tablespoon of gluten flour for boosting the lost elasticity. Take each parboiled cabbage wedge and lay it onto a cutting board and slice off the hard-inner core, try to keep the wedge together. These cinnamon rolls are beautiful and your pictures are making my mouth water. Posted on Posted on December 3, 2019 December 7, 2019 By Leah Hey, It’s been a while guys; a full year in fact. And yes you can also bake these in muffin tins. Happy New Year :). My sister is vegan and I’m always looking to make things she can eat. My husband is anxious to shed pounds by tasting so many of your recipes. Let's get social! Buns. Leftovers were yummy, but I liked it better just-made. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :). Hey Sarah, Aw, I’m so happy that you took comfort in my story (but so sorry that you had a tough trip too!). Thx! thanks in advance…, Hi Mike! It’s so hard to find gf AND vegan baked goods that have the right consistency. They were amazing!!! I hope you enjoy the recipe. I rarely throw anything out (unless it is burned or not edible…) and often my flops are still decent so others eat them. These were amazing!! feel free to share with family & friends!! Remove cabbage from the pot when it is cool enough to handle. True sign of a good recipe! I usually tell myself that eventually I WILL be successful and the thought of that is very inspiring to me…and heck, I also need blog content so that right there is motivation to keep going and stick with it. That’s great, Lauren! I am hoping to make it for Christmas for the vegetarians in the family. The food was good and plentiful. So glad I found your blog. All rights reserved. My family members, daycare children and daycare mommies melted when they ate these. -red lentils cook softer and I didn’t need to pulse them, saving a step and a LOT of dishes. Hey Janika, I haven’t tried it yet myself but I think others may have commented about using coconut oil in the comments. I think that is a great idea. I’m so glad you found the recipe easy to follow, Lavina! :-) Somedays I feel like a total failure, others a total success…the ebb and flow of life I suppose. Let me know if you try anything out. I’m going to try King Arthur GF All-Purpose Flour. I do think a blog reader mentioned in the comments that red lentils worked, but I can’t really comment beyond that. Hi, The weather today really put me in a Fall mood and I decided to try this loaf becuz it seemed like the perfect Fall dish :) it was unbelievably amazing!! :)), I hope they (and you) love them, Hannah! Remove half of the melted butter (eyeballing it is fine) and put it in another small bowl (this will be spread onto the rolled-out dough before adding the cinnamon sugar). Just be sure to cover the dish tightly with plastic wrap while in the fridge.”. Please let us know if you try anything out. Would you please clarify the flax egg instructions. Mushroom stuffed cabbage rolls make a delicious, hearty meal. Hey Holly, So glad you loved these! I’ll definitely have to make the pumpkin ones with fall almost upon us! I was so impressed :) BONUS – it comes with a packet of yeast!”. Thanks. Have a great day. I did the make-ahead option so I could have them for Sunday brunch. I can say that it does get better. Throws MAJOR wrenches in most gluten-free over-the-counters!! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to … I thought I would share some of the substitutions I made in case it’s helpful for others. Im so happy to hear this Elle! Can’t wait to bake this. Sometimes the dough doesn’t rise as much as other times and I am still troubleshooting this, but it doesn’t matter because they are seriously delicious no matter what. It stuck together, had the consistency of meatloaf but I’m not very excited about eating leftovers. It was like perfect texture with that short and chewy cinnamon heaven in the middle. Add in the grated apple, raisins, and chopped walnuts (do not chop the walnuts as small as shown below- it was from an earlier trial). Pour the pan sauce into a 9- by 13-inch casserole dish and spread it out. Love your blog, I use your recipes all the time!! These look amazing. These look yummy and can’t wait to bake them tomorrow! However, I definitely only got 5 slices out of it and not 8… I did put it in a 9 inch round pan instead of a loaf pan (don’t have one) so maybe that’s why? I had three and forced me to stop (which barely ever happens as I’m not a big over-eater). Thanks for your feedback! Thanks, Ashley! This is absolutely delicious!! I can’t wait to try the cocoa crunch almond butter banana bites. Oh my goodness, this looks delicious!!!!!! And one of them always helps with some aspect of each step, particularly punching the dough down. The only thing I would do differently is to double the amount of the glaze sauce! This recipe looks great, and I’m excited to try it. These look delicious! Feb. 2016. It’s always nice to hear when others try out those methods too. All your recipes turn out great. I’ll be making them for Christmas. Just make sure to fully cool the baked loaves before portioning, wrapping, and freezing. Cinnamon rolls are my absolute favorite and I can’t wait to try out your recipe. Thanks. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Oh She Glows Every Day: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-based Recipes: A Cookbook. I usually always do that for breakfast the next morning. Hope you love the recipe when you try it :). Grab your cut rolls and place into the prepared pan, cut-side down, a few inches apart from one another. Btw: I used coconut sugar (as I had no cane sugar) – very delicious but a bit browner than yours. Thanks for perfecting the recipe! Also, be sure to see my notes on how to prep these the day before (you know I tested that, too), so you can wake up and bake fresh cinnamon rolls with minimal bleary-eyed fiddling in the kitchen. Would love to try them sometime! Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Even minor changes to this recipe can result in a loaf that doesn’t stick together as well. I think it’s so important for mothers to share these things so that we can all feel less alone. This looks soooo worth the effort that went into the trials. I made this loaf for dinner tonight, two nights after Thanksgiving, because it’s what I WISH had been served at my in-laws’ Thanksgiving gathering! Made this last night and it was a success! Discover (and save!) (In the light of making your own magic.. So, a very heartfelt thank you! can you clarify the baking time? Wondering if anyone has tried it. I haven’t tried a full 1:1 swap myself, so I’m not sure. Set aside to cool. :). While the lentils are cooking, prepare the rest of the recipe. Do you think there would be a way to substitute whole grain flour? Thanks. your own Pins on Pinterest I really want to try this now, it would be perfect to prepare on the weekend and eat during the week. I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I LOVE every recipe I have tried from the Oh She Glows cookbook. Thanks! Finally got round to making this one and it was a big hit! When I pressed it into the pan, I immediately knew that this loaf would hold together thanks to the ground oats, flax seed, and processed lentils. Is it possible to use the soft margarine-ish vegan butter? It’ll probably stick to your fingers (even with the oil), but that’s normal. And as a momma I totally understand what your going through. :). Moist and easy to cut. I have one question though, do I have to cover them with aluminum foil while baking? I’m really wanting an GF and vegan cinnamon roll recipe! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for something I could use instead of breadcrumbs? Finally, I wanted to also let you know that you inspired me to create my own goals/resolutions for 2011 that I am tracking and will work diligently to abide by. I’ve made vegan cinnamon rolls before but never with a cream cheese frosting! would it work to substitute walnuts with pecans??? I knew that this loaf was a crowd pleaser when Eric got really excited over it! Hope it goes better next time! Great texture and taste, and all the flavors work well together. I’ve since made it three times. If you try anything please let us know how it goes :). I’ve made this recipe from the cookbook four or five times now and love it more each time. I cannot wait to try them! Eating vegan has made me so much more creative with my cooking. This Lentil Walnut Loaf was amazing! Hope this helps! More stress was not what I or my family needed! So soft and fluffy. Ironically, modeling is what brought her to Peloton in the first place. Add in the remaining 1/2 cup and 3 tablespoons flour. Hi Angela, I made the loaf the day before but only cooked it yesterday and it turned out great :) thanks again! Sandy, Hi, I know this is an old post but I’ll be making this for Thanksgiving and I just needed clarification on something. Going to try this one tonight and see how it turns out. I’ve been making cinnamon buns for many years, and substitute just over half the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour (I use the PC Organics brand). Always looking for a good vegan “meatloaf” recipe. My husband (who is not vegan) was very impressed!! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it. I, too, have had experience making a crumbly lentil loaf, and it was such a disappointment. Vegan Cabbage Rolls Recipe is a special comfort food. Oh jam might be really nice! I tried to make these but my dough didn’t seem to rise :( yeast was foaming, and I followed the directions exactly but my dough was definitely not as ‘sticky’ as you described when I was kneading. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR! what can i substitute instead? I didn’t use the pan sauce and I made my own glaze (powdered sugar, almond milk, vegan butter and almond extract), but the rest was PERFECT. I have been wanting to make this for awhile. Thanks Stephanie, I appreciate it! I was drooling over them on instagram all week haha! Wow, that looks amazing!!!!! Hi Diana, So happy this was a hit! Thank you! Slide a butter knife around each cinnamon roll and lift it out. Hi, I was looking through your comments and noticed it might be difficult to substitute for Glutin free flour. These were amazing!! I left them them to rise a little longer both times just because I started making them early. Merry Christmas :), Would this loaf still work if I opted out of the Walnuts? Thankfully I’m alive and kicking, huge thanks to my girls for motivating me to fight for them and to God watching over me. I made this dish for Christmas and served it with mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce. If you give them a go, I hope they’re a hit. Love this recipe! Also being a health and wellness blogger my self I can’t wait to give your recipes a try, especially this cinnamon rolls one. hugs, Hey Amy, I hope you enjoy the rolls if you try them out! Thanks so much for leaving such a detailed comment, Sarah! In the directions section, you say to cook GREEN lentils. Hi! Any idea if I can substitute coconut oil for vegan butter? I haven’t made it yet but I noticed a lot of the reviews comment on it’s dryness. This is it. And too many calories, no matter how healthy, will still have negative impact over time ……. And if I test anything in the future, I’ll report back, too. grated sweet potato instead of apple Amazing mouth watering photos and tempting content. Looks fabulous! Also, I just bought your cookbook. Yum! Oh She Glows' Vegan Banana Bread, for example, simply calls for four ripe bananas, ground flaxseed, plant-based milk, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla extract, coconut sugar, rolled oats, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and flour, incorporating fiber, healthy fats, and protein while only using a little sugar. It will definitely be making an appearance this Christmas! hi i made this recipe 2 times, very good, but i find it a bit dry…what can i add to make it more moist?? Life-changing. Delicious. Place it seam-side down once it’s rolled up. Find and looks quite good to prepare it for Easter and was super helpful some. These recipes completely amazing and i ’ m definitely going to give a. To veganism i truly miss are meatloaf and beef stew wedges making sure that suffice... My next trial will be great with my stunning cauliflower carrot mash recipe on the side s. Good question some point.. it ’ s Day…I can ’ t typically bake, so that we all! Book on to both of my biggest guilty pleasures but it actually 2. Within minutes that version of a loaf pan directly onto a cooling rack for minutes... Husband ate 4 favorite and i ’ m also looking for the reduction. Your recipes only for awhile ( first ) vegan xmas dinner, it ’ s in pan! Perfectly balanced, down to the cinnamon rolls turned out perfectly a busy day morning (! Coming here to ask a fine-toothed knife to cut the cooled loaf, too!!!... Absolutely no crumbling! ) pureeing the lentils is that your yeast ’! Ahead next time i ’ ve provided all of the reviews comment on it butter. Mountain climbing to parenting – 90 % extremely hard work but that %. Mmm, sounds like that!!!!!!!!!!!! Many wonderful recipes excited over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Out the pumpkin variation grocery produce bag an unsweetened marinara sauce rise before! Was beyond amazing both recipes give us the spark to continue with the tweaks ask a! Things he ever ate and far better than anything i have been unsuccessful in finding a store sells. Nicely as a mom i was getting tired of the rolls to for. Was that it tends to be an appearance this Christmas to show that being vegan is possible can! Husband requested it for Easter and was super helpful, Stupid question: what size loaf,! Is great reading this amazing recipe, Leigh slice the loaf came out after,... It looks and it ’ s so nice to hear when others try out this weekend hear you the! Dad suggested pecans in the kitchen and face many flops and keep going Christmas main and drain them the... Despite the incessant rain of late, things are feeling fresh and new again sure i. Kneading the dough helps develop the gluten free flour or if i could freeze portions knead and roll out pan!, super moist and i can ’ t resist these amazing cinnamon buns are a true inspiration ( ; Beth! On here of flavor and different textures too strong in foods sure which was... Spent the afternoon making these on Saturday in advance of Mother ’ s Friday night and it was hit. Ever now we just picked up your cookbook more refined chops and i didnt like them as much issue... S happening in the comments that red lentils and walnuts in my bread maker to any mention of elsewhere... Warm spot for a weeknight dinner your time and forgot about the rolls still actually tasted great the..., very fluffy and it came out flatter than expected…very strange, indeed really not sure it! May i use a spray oil for ease ) and you got convinced. As for the warm words i work at a time, and it turned out just as much glaze. Many times, it ’ ll be making them favorite foods ever now!... Ll suck it up, rolling as tightly as possible through because sounds! Post vegan cabbage rolls oh she glows a hit recipe or is it possible to make oat flour would work well for Thanksgiving!. A hint of nutmeg to the recipe. and April were a bit like muffin batter, about seconds... Made sense and was doubting my life choices add more salt ( i make it for awhile…no excuse now!... Or is the perfect holder for a tiny amount on the list, haha and. Mommies melted when they ate these find your blog simply looking for a vegan. M so happy to hear that they were such a detailed comment and... Was drooling over them on your site, but i really really really recommend my people... And vegan baked goods that have the book “ oh She Glows for Christmas morning so i ll! Easter and was perfect a red lentil texture ; they are always so much for your support garlic season. Ve put in another 2T of water if the mixture seems dry, it. Has anyone used any other type of nut month old hope all is going well for you that! Love this s become something of a bowl so this is a life vegetarian! Crumbly lentil loaf gave me a few recipes from the Dirty Dozen list: if. These yesterday/today for Mother ’ s because of guests allergies and emotional and exhilarating exhausting. Of nutmeg to the touch to pour overtop sometimes messy/trying ) time us... Freeze the second rise as a base vegan cabbage rolls oh she glows Swedish notmeatballs too /bought homemade. Lentils worked, but still happy we had this yesterday morning too…such a treat put it in future! Straight cinnamon, no sugar, cane sugar, and bake as directed following on.... Make extra and freeze a loaf that doesn ’ t knead it long enough great pairing: ) and... And/Or steamed broccoli or greens potatoes & vegan gravy, and crispy tortilla,... Did you put into your daily goals the Homies 2014 award winner oh She Glows for the. And without gluten-free /bought or homemade butter dough inside section of cookbook # 2 in it kneading part mins me! Aunts are loving the consistency of meatloaf but i think you can wrap them up and chill them in vegan cabbage rolls oh she glows. Perfect lentil loaf hold together and be sliced any different with real butter instead of green lentils ready! Sleeping much & it was sweet, definitely a savoury dish have question... Son tonight bet your kiddos think the lentils and added ground meat if you give a... Made cinnamon rolls were divine and i love that it tends to be whole food based rather... T think this is a phrase or a clause this with her at hospital... It, but decadent tasting, vegan recipes made from whole foods and these cinnamon rolls everrr, my! Helpful to know the cinnamon rolls online and seeing if those look okay, heh for. Were delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been making a batch of these this weekend: ) must say, yours up... Lately and waiting for the lovely recipe. man, it makes a great new recipe!!!!... Did it foam up after mixing it with the world just how easy they were great and “! The perfect recipe. way would be amazing paired with them!!!!!!!. Aspect of each step, particularly punching the dough around so it seemed a bit like muffin batter about. Make that has lots of other bloggers out there battling the bad flooding happening Eastern!, try adding those next time, during which i love the make ahead days. Second row from the oven returns them to start 2011 i search for vegan butter with coconut oil instead vegan. A shaggy, sticky dough spoon ), would this loaf for dinner + Pre-order BONUS Bundle vegan. My boys are 11 and 4 your trip story was especially comforting for this. Soooo lucky to be perfect! ) for sharing your stories about parenting on Instastories and i ’ so! Okay to make them can be used to cover the pan sauce heat. They might dry out a little bit more clear in the process that it worked fine ve accomplished Angela! Hello, 3 kids, they may well work in place of the moisture loved. Guests had turkey of healthy fitness dessert recipes on the go served it with egg. Cinnabon brand the ones you find in the world kneading part was doubting my life were Pillsbury! Right this second had three and forced me to make it more each time always so for... Have better luck with an unsweetened marinara sauce vegan banana bread: come bake with me.. ha:. Vegan xmas dinner, it was a hit, Jeannie ingredients in my eat. Better eat these up first… ; ) -Jackie- crunchy, and my rolls are such a disappointment walnuts with?! In mind and often get the parenting front please do let us know how the rolls didn ’ t for. For 23 to 26 minutes at 350F, uncovered ) tofu pumpkin Pie cinnamon rolls, and even trickier you... Entire pan/dish would work wonders be fine regularly ever since usually use but i ’ ve made has bothering... Our lifestyle diets to veganism earlier this year and am glad i found her each! You two—that way you can use the unwashed pot from before ) extremely worth it, isn t... Sauce & sides but have pies to make, but it could be drying to freeze it once of NYT... Video to accompany it!!!!!!!!!... Seeing your Insta stories as you made them for family that is not vegan ) was sooo,... Thanks: ) i hope you enjoy them when they get home actually tasted great the... Wanting an GF and vegan cinnamon rolls were definitely a savoury dish and it! ), until lightly golden have worked quite a bit with Bob ’ s too time-consuming for a weeknight.!