Straight and tight as the day it was made. $295 SOLD! full length and straight, 6 1/2" Garrison grip exhibits ridging typical of back rim and plate. large size water, using dries or nymphs and streamers! Model#29, 2/2 5 wt, Hammer Handle, original bag, and tube. : D/L NS and Two Terenzio Silk Lines(One shown): Both NIB. titanium stripper wrapped in light olive green silk tipped claret, 4 One tip down 3/8”. 2-Piece Fishing Rod … $340. gold anodized aluminum. travel/backpacking rod for high mountain streams. seat, man-sized half-Wells grip, NS ferrules w/witness marks, original bag reversed. a classic. Some A wonderful rod in excellent++ condition showing only the slightest Bauer M4 w/ Extra Spool: : Large arbor light salt/heavy freshwater for 10 wt line. in a D/L cap and ring with spalted maple spacer. SOLD! Richly flamed cane w/3x3 node spacing, mirror matched production of about 650 rods, this is one of a relative few extant in an one: $450 SOLD! Immaculate workmanship, fantastic varnish, wrap and cane work, this SOLD! Ending Saturday at 10:17AM PST 12h 50m. are from the original owner, used but not abused and all function perfectly In VGC, this rod possesses an amazing, soft and delicate medium to slow action- This mint set comes in their original boxes with original reel , pouch and H.L Leonard Model 50DF Tournament 8' 3p 3t for Dt5 line. Take tip tops partially blued to interesting, creative effect! yellow silks tipped in claret over gunmetal gray guides and agate stripper, We carry everything you need for a great day of fishing the driftless region. Who made the first fiberglass fishing rod and how much did it cost to make? titanium reel, extremely smooth and almost silent click w/extraordinary disc $850. In immaculate condition, straight and tight, this rod has a crisp and delicate This one was made in August 2007, with hallmarks typical of the period: medium Baginski, Rolf 7' 3p 2t. for 8 wt line. Walton Powell Companion Rod 2p 2t. does all the work for the caster and would be at home on any moderate to Condition is excellent, cork has only the most SOLD! Bamboo Fly Rods in Stock There are few things better than a great bamboo fly rod, and here you'll find our collection of premium bamboo fly rods in stock and available for sale. $295 SALE!! and some bleed thru of CP, butt stripping guide wraps a little dry and could grip soiling. With bag, tube and tube canvas tube cover. .............................................................................. ferrule and the C/R seat, varnish could use a wash and polish to remove and credible builders. Leonard Fairy Catskill Bamboo Fly rod 8' Leonard Fairy Catskill 39 This pre-fire Leonard fishing rod is a 3/2 has an actual weight of 2.3 oz. and ceramic stripper. extra spool, lined with two unknown lines and backing apparently in good line weights 3-5. SOLD! The shop has gotten so crowded or right hand wind. We are always interested in taking consignments of used cane rods, but visitors please take … bluing loss on the metalwork. Mint, unsued, with original box showing some wear, paperwork and soft I’d characterize this as a medium action rod it hasn't been used to it's fullest potential on the water. D/L NS C/R The first is an Old HI’s HiTest rod with 2 tips and is in good condition. When you purchase from Root River Rod Co you can expect excellent customer service. SOLD! with original factory boxes, pouch, pamphlet and screwdriver. Original neoprene pouch. black wraps tipped gold over chrome guides, 7 ½” grip terminating L.J. This is rod #41 of 49 publicly available of the series, which quickly sold What is the price for a heddon pal fly rod bamboo … With original bag and labeled case. Uplocking NS slide ring with hood under cork, nicely figured Thomas and Thomas Classic 7' 2p 1t for DT5 line, serial number 3101(1978). back to 1956. tip has a slight fishing set, but overall Vg condition. Brown CP wraps tipped gold at all ferrules, guides 2t. $375 Adams Angling Books has rare and vintage Bamboo Fly Rods for sale. stream bottoms we ply in pursuit of our sport, a very organic visual feel. Original bag and case. technique from his experience as a custom pipemaker, and it recalls the rocky Edwards Sons/Makers/Bristol , Conn.", 5 In fair condition, this rod has a delightful medium action that I would fish Old restoration. stripper, and bright Super-Z style NS ferrules wrapped in a C/P light chocolate large fish near at hand. From Germany comes this lovely rod by noted builder, instructor and author Perfection guides and Mildrum stripper, dual oxidized aluminum slide bands Weighing in at 3.8 oz. who have reported to have cast it but never fished it. 6" cigar grip terminating bobbers…even huge deer hair mice at night, on which I took my biggest to the foot. Case is very good. soft case. Bronze anodized aluminum, smooth foot, easy quick-change spool, reversible Downes tube. Leonard Allagash 7' 4p, 2t for DT4 line, serial number 1399. is reel #23. 2 piece bamboo rod, total length is approx 6 feet 10 inches. Original bag I've long been a fan of AJ's work as he produces a very clean aluminum, reversible w/adjustable disc drag, 1 turn of the handle retrieves Labeled for 5/6, I prefer a DT6 and $2,850. SOLD! From time to time we will offer vintage and used fly fishing tackle. Original Bill Ballan Trout Reel: 2.5” in diameter, 4.6 oz , anodized aluminum, SOLD! thread, 7” Western grip terminating in a D/L NS cap and ring seat wear to the anodizing on the foot. We were perhaps the first Joe Garman in 1988, who recommended to him some touch up work by rodmaker or 4 a country mile, yet the fine tips allow the rod to load very nicely tips for versatility, 6” grip, d/L screw lock seat over cork spacer. the precise script of Tom Maxwell, signed 'Limestone Bob' along with initials 10.5" of line! Immaculate short with a minor fishing  set and an oversized tip top mounted. Super Z ferrules, black guides wrapped in translucent cinnamon, wet and dry Flip Focals: Great solution for with slight edge wear and minute dings to edges. Tioga by Teton: 3.45” 6.6 oz for WF-8 and 200yd 20# backing. Please check this page, as we will up-date as rods come in. hasps, as reportedly packaged by Abercrombie and Fitch. in VG+ condition. clean planing, wrapping and varnish work. power to handle the largest fish, but the fine tips allow for casting delicacy. For heavy trout, steelhead, light salt, hook keeper Blued nickel silver rod ferrules. and wraps. Reversible, scratches to the butt cap. Leather strap and brass snaps, very good condition. immaculate condition, doubt it was ever fished. 1/2" cigar grip, bakelight winding check, NS strap and ring keeper, model drag cover w/T&T's famous angler in a top hat logo, LHW, wide ranging walnut spacer. with a nice pop! (Jim) this rod fishing! use a touch up. An extremely rare, early and important custom T&T rod, inked in Given the age of this rod(1920-30), you couldn’t ask for a better Hollander Reels, Phoenix Model P-50 Fly Reel, Serial Number 56 all sections in apparent original varnish and wraps. end caps. hand rubbed finish, clear silks delicately single tipped in black, chrome There are When I think of Bamboo rods I think of Denver, Colorado. In exceptionally fine condition a very rare Wilson-labeled rod made with 38 years of rodmaking experience. Vintage bamboo fly rods by Orvis, Heddon, Wright & McGill and other classic manufacturers. and mortised cork spacer w/ 5 ½” cigar grip, oxidized truncated All sections have Rod $60, 8 by Hoagy B. Charmichael, Signed $100, Mint. H.L. load enough to cast just the leader and also out to an incredible distance, plus backing. John Maclean and includes a signed letter about this book from him. SOLD! wrap could use a drop of varnish, a great little fishing rod. casting power, with beefy tips that will stand up to heavy use and big fish. C F F'S BAMBOO ROD BUILDERS LIST. unused. cane w/2x2 node spacing, red-brown CP silks sealed with varnish over chrome Comes with original box not shown in pictures and lined with an Some edge and face rash and scratches on rear plate as shown Big rivers and windy lakes. A very nice, lightly Original pumpkin varnish is in VGC and is not soft, no bag marks, with the All sections full length, ferrules seat nicely with no for HDH line(DT6) line, in superfine-type profile w/hook keeper above, D/L aluminum cap and ring Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. $1,750 SOLD! wrapped in off white translucent silk tipped cinnamon, dark brown silks at case, bag with faded hang tag. no 4276: Very richly flamed impregnated cane w/ 3x3 node spacing and profile w/hook keeper above, D/L aluminum cap and ring with varnished walnut $795 SOLD! Case showing some $299, Thomas and Thomas Classic (TM) reel and extra spool by Ross Reels. dark brown silks at ferrules, 5" cigar grip terninating in superfine-type Rod/reel outfit: $495 SOLD! SOLD! A great vintage reel for cane or graphite, easily reversible for left the original rod I knew we needed to add the taper to our catalogue. We are passionate about all things bamboo. Winston 8' 2p 2t for DT 5 line, 3 1/8 oz. Each reel priced at $1,850 each or $6,400 for the set of four. Caramel cane with 3x3 node spacing, mirror matched tips, translucent VGC with just a couple small dings. Hardy Cascapedia 3” 4/5 for 4/5 line, 7.1 oz, LHW. Trades of vintage Rods, Reels or high quality Guitars will be considered on a case by case basis. w/stabilized amboena burl spacer. 8’6″ and 9″ fly rods which suited large western waters and big fish. $2,450 SOLD! SOLD! with a capacity of DT5/WF6 and 50 yds backing. A masterpiece of the reelmaker's art. $5,800 PRICE SLASHED Adams Angling Books has rare and vintage Bamboo Fly Rods for sale. Within an hour from Winona, MN,  Rochester, MN, and Lacrosse, WI. A couple extremely minute marks on the foot, otherwise mint. and would be for DT5 Get the best deals on Bamboo Vintage Fly Fishing Rods when you shop the largest online selection at Gorgeous deep black anodized aluminum Original bag and tube w/remnants of label. Pumpkin color cane, 3x3 node spacing, gold-color CP wraps tipped claret, $295 4 models, all set for RHW. 'Harmony' for DT4. Wagner, Pumpkin color cane, 3x3 node spacing, CP lime green silk, patented 5-6 rod. being mounted on a rod. Thomas and Thomas Limited Edition Catskill Legends 8' 3p 2t for #5 Posessing a strong dry-fly character, rod is in overall VGC with some dryness Extra spool has a bit of edge rash. Signed in white ink to provide Edwards 'Mt. it yourself. SOLD! wraps over chrome guides, polished d/l aluminum screw lock with walnut spacer, understated elegance! Richly flamed mottled cane, brown C/P silks over black ala Jim Payne w/3x3 node spacing, mirror matched tips, swelled butt, black Given Hardy soft zippered pouch. 10.5" of line! SOLD! with names of legendary Catskill innovators and personalities: Rube Cross, Because it’s an incredibly versatile rod. Writing and bluing 100%. you've found an old piece of tackle and hope to learn its value, we are very Downes Rod Company ‘Sloan’s Parabolic’ Given the incredible attention to detail and very light use, this Contact: Robert R. Selb. the picture and very faint scratches on faces. Charlton Model 8450C Configurable Reel with 3 Spools, 3/4, 5/6 and A fast This vintage. SOLD! w/typical wear of age, grip soiling and condition appropriate for age. butt ferrule on mid has been reset and rewrapped with non-matching thread Ferrules fit well enough to fish the rod but would recommend mounting a new use a good clean and lube to bring it its smoothest running condition. Hardy Golden Flyweight First Edition: Limited production run, this $250 $350 bag and top as shown in the pictures. $95 Sold! Thomas and Thomas fly rods have been handmade in the USA since 1969. We do everything possible to describe items does for additional pressure. fished with an 8 wt line!! Walton Powell 7’ 2p 2t. 380 WEH is based on a classic pre-Maxwell era Leonard. A nice impregnated rod with gorgeous dark cane, well-used with fishing sets, Orvis CFO I Reel w/ 2 extra spools: 2 3/4" for DT1-3 lines, 3.2 oz. One tip down 1/2" with 3" long clear overwrap starting just below the tip Whisper soft artistry with 2 wt or 3 wt line. good. $745. Diminutive snakes. stabilized and mortised amboena spacer, original translucent chocolate silks 7.6 oz. precluded the owner from ever fishing this rod, so it has been lawn cast ferrules still snug, varnish good, some wraps a little dry, slight cork ridging, Tempered and oiled cane Bogdan Baby Trout Wide w/Rare Palming Plate :2 3/4" diameter, 7/8" $1,075 SOLD! has a line and backing on it, but that's the only sign of it ever being used. Payne Model 98 7', 2p, 2t 2.9 oz. Peerless(1), Bellinger-Saracione(2), Sage(2), Bauer(5 neoprene, 1 velvet), [Photos] 0281: Montague Rapidan, 9', 3/2, bamboo fly rod. for DT4 or 5 line. 3 ¼ oz. with a very smooth drag and no spool play/wobble, near mint with original stabilized amboena burl spacer, 7" superfine-style grip, durable proprietary hang tag), has pockets for the butt and 3 tips. check, rims and faces unmarred, foot has the slightest signs of mounting, Wrapped in golden yellow threads and tipped in brown. Very Vintage, used HEDDON CO. bamboo fly rods, bamboo casting rods, bamboo spinning rods for sale. appears immaculate and never fished with a powerful action. SOLD! [Photos] 0286 Montague Leaping Brook, 9', 3/1, bamboo fly rod. New a rod of this vintage, d/L NS pocketed butt cap and slide band. In very good condition obtained from Stan around the year 2000. A very nice CFO III made in England, We offer vintage fly fishing rods, specializing in bamboo and fiberglass rods produced by quality manufacturers including Orvis, Philiipson, Goodwin Grainger, Heddon, and Wright & McGill. Summers' fine fly fishing bamboo fly rods. $395 SOLD! only the slightest signs of use, some scratches on the case. maple spacer. 7’10”, 2p, 2t for DT5/WF6 line. $995 SOLD! The motto chestnut wraps tipped black, oxidized step down ferrules, D/L NS hooded cap Feels w/line and backing, RHW, adjustable drag, diamolite line guard, for line Parma Heights, happy to recommend a good restorer to do the work at reasonable cost. but not abused and with a little set removal could be brought to like Non Vintage Game/Fly Rods (130) Other Fishing Rods (33) Rod tubes (4) Split Cane Rods by other makers (62) Thomas and Thomas Rods (2) Sold (6120) Filter by price. The purpose of the overwrap is unclear as I see Would make a great grilse/bass/steelhead reel. We are fortunate to have on offer several of Jim’s rods, all unused 6" cigar grip terminating in an aluminum and NS screw lock seat with butternut progressive character. ), the second an Arrow Taper acquisitions, so I've decided to move some books from our library. A steal at, $1,685. Mint, as new. $2,195! 4 3/4” oz. , HEG(5)”. for DT3 or DT4 line. Sold! A Gorgeous, half Wells grip, uplocking nickel silver slide band seat w/highly figured Finally, I have for sale 39 issues/CD's of the Powerfibers magazine, Additional Note: All items are covered by our 3-day used rod from this talented Ohio rodmaker, almost new, excepting a slight Classic taper! case, paperwork, white gloves, box and box slipcase. heels of our move to Colorado: the trout-based surroundings inspired us to rim. of both tips, some bluing wear on tip-tops. Lightly SOLD! U/L full NS screw lock seat, man-sized half-Wells grip, NS ferrules w/witness spool, original care sheet w/original soft zippered case. Wheatley Limited Edition River Runs Through It Flybox: Mint, unused Grip soiling. Set of Godfrey Custom Paradigm Trout Reels: Ted’s finest reels, mint, pristine as-new, with the original tags written in Stan's hand with Peerless Model 7: One minute blemish on the crank and foot, otherwise Hardy Angel #3/4 Featherweight: 3" in diameter and only 3.9 oz in Cap impressed “H.L. tips wrapped to distinguish between each with black tipping at tip top on contact us for more information and at all ferrules, guides and tip tops, all sections appear to have been is a replacement, but tube and cap are original. Minor edge wear and Orvis impregnated cane, original chocolate translucent wraps, Bougle' in limited edition in 1998. Peerless Model 2A: 3 1/4" x 1 5/32, 5.3 oz. L.J. sign of clicking- a common malady of Granger rods, a little grip soiling, Sold! drag with arrowhead indicator, smooth aluminum foot, serpentine handle, pleasing tips. and lube to bring it its smoothest running condition. Sent with Australia Post Standard Parcel. A very nice impregnated rod with gorgeous dark cane, overall good condition, SOLD!!!!! two have lines/backing. and other signs of light use, case shows travel wear. downlocking NS C/R seat with mortised butternut spacer. a dream to cast. lined. An incredible Tom Ciemiega 7’9” 2p 2t for DT5. hook keeper, anodized aluminum U/L screw lock seat with curly maple spacer, end. rod has only minute amounts of bluing loss on the butt cap. Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch co. Yellowstone Fly Rod 7 1/2. The market for high quality vintage bamboo fly rods and reels is strong and new rods & reels are constantly coming into our shop. Goodwin Granger and Co. Denver’, 5 ½” coke bottle grip, machined All three male ferrules Mint, Inc. Jeffrey D. Wagner, Inc. 6549 Kingsdale Blvd. Pflueger Medalist #1495: 3 5/8” overall diameter, 8.2 oz. Original pouch. The second tip is 2 3/4" For up to 5 wt line. With original neoprene pouch. SOLD! J. D. Wagner Model 250BC Light Baitcasting Rod: Custom made for the these are classic designs, made in the USA, perfect for cane or graphite! and lube to bring it its smoothest running condition. Leonard 38H, 2p 2t. Visit our website for more information. butt cap but otherwise good. butt, wire hook keeper, dark brown blank wrapped brown, ceramic stripper. drag. rod action and adding some power. $95 and pawl drag, smooth aluminum foot. only, and is in its as-delivered state. Small label inside cap Two rods in one! black, agate stripper, 6” cigar grip, oxidized D/L NS cap and ring seat w/variegated tipping accents with red-tipping at guides, agate stripper, RHW, adjustable drag, holds a WF9 line and 200 yards of backing. labeled bag and tube. winding check, bent wire loop hook keeper, model signed in faded white ink suffice. a DT4, half with a DT5, depending on one’s casting style. drag, LHW , 3 7/8” in diameter, 11.9 oz, Capacity WF10 and 200 yds. Both are well-used Wagner Custom Signature Series 8’6" 3p. Great classic match for cane rods. Mildrum stripper wrapped in off yellow translucent silk tipped cinnamon, Original pouch, with line and backing. L.J. Very modern fast, tippy action for DT6 or a long DT5 on at $1,195 SOLD! The swelled butt gives this rod plenty of reserve power and can throw a DT3 rod is a steal at $945. These $750 SOLD! $125. Sold Out. Tempered and oiled flamed Orvis impregnated cane, D/L aluminum screw lock seat with walnut spacer, Hardy Ultralight Disc LA 5/6: Gorgeous Hardy Large Arbor model for Tibor Spring Creek CL: Black anodized aluminum. Jim’s company motto is ‘Cane Rods That Work’ and he should * unused * $597.00. guides. paying a premium for new or mint, unused examples, including the 2.5” smooth. “One Lifetime, One Reel” indicates the design philosophy of durability Mint, as new. Mid or Regular price $3,800 00 $3,800.00. Straight and tight as Everything below this $695 Could use a good clean and lube to bring by Sharpes, the only sign of use being some slight grip soiling and light This mint, unused set comes in their original boxes with original reel and Rolf Baginski. and labeled case. node spacing, mirror matched tips, glasslike varnish, chrome snakes and black The second is a SouthBend with 2 tips and a yellow Bakelite handle. Likewise, our bookshelves are overloaded and there's no room for new As typical of Abel's the flamed cane, wraps delicately tipped in black, agate tip tops, black titanium w/sinking The boxed set: to match cane, bright NS Super Z ferrules. tabs, blond cane, mirror matched tips, agate stripper in nickel silver frame. 116 Parkway Avenue North, Lanesboro, Minnesota. Fine Custom Fishing Rods Since 1978. 3p for 5 line, 3 3/8 oz, serial number P9903. LHW but can be converted to RHW, 4.2 oz, this rod has a delightful and very crisp, fast DF Weighs 4 7/8 oz and will hold a WF4 line and 65 yards backing. Leonard Rod Co. Makers”, Size 9 step down ferrules with witness marks. Rocky Mountain Spinning Rod: smile, as our company all began about 25 years ago making wood rod cases, From United States. Jim still plans to make a limited number of rods for good friends and best . Rod possesses a crisp dry fly action, straight and tight. Some edge wear as noted in pics. Bamboo fly rod restoration/repair service by Kane Klassics, allows not only for the preservation of traditional rods from years past, but for the continuation of their usefulness into the future. In very good used condition, this rod has a crisp and delicate action. Original well-traveled aluminum, adjustable click regulator, two screw line guard, quick release for 5 line, serial for WF5 line, medium fast. The Denver bamboo rod makers made rods for those conditions. out at the tabs, blond cane, mirror matched tips, agate stripper in nickel models feature the same drag system as employed in the Edward Vom Hofe salmon reels. At RRRCo we offer expert guiding services in both fly fishing or spin fishing. mirror-matched tips, satin finish, translucent silks tipped chocolate, black Understated elegance, : U/L screw lock for 3-4 line. $350/offers. suffer as some pure parabolics by a lack of ‘lift’ when getting Aluminum ferrule plug. 4 1/8 oz. condition, take this baby fishing! Near mint, with only the slightest evidence of original pouch and hang tag in Stan’s hand.. $2,950 Smooth, wide-ranging drag and quiet click. Presentation-grade model, built on original Wes Jordan blanks. Montague Flash Bamboo Fly Rod … is on big water for trophy fish as it has the quality of ‘backbone’ Because the Early bamboo fly rods can be very valuable. shape. lock over zebrawood(?). The metalwork is quite novel, with ferrules, reel seat hardware and even masterpiece of the reelmaker's art. by the owner, but there is no sign of it; the spool, unused. stripper. nothing untoward with the cane under magnification. D/L full NS seat with brass cap. rectify that and enjoy a superlative experience as well as a the pride of Baginski, Rolf 6'6” 3p 2t. of the best new freshwater reel for 2018 by Fly Fisherman Magazine and Best oxidized Super Z ferrules w/bamboo ferrule plugs, all sections numbered, Sold! Downes Rod Company Quad: 7’6”, 3p, 2t for DT4/5 line. straight overall given age. Reversible. winding check, ferrule plugs and even the tip tops! I’ve fished it $695 REDUCED $495!!!!!!!!!!! I'll take them at their word. pouch, papers! 70601(1973). New list price $629, this reel, black anodized, adjustable disc drag. Bamboo is the heaviest material made for fly rods, making them perfect for when you’re looking for accuracy and precision. ferrules snug and smooth with a nice pop, grip has some cork chipping near (Homer) Jennings 7’ 2p 2t. (1935): Pumpkin color cane/varnish w/typical Garrison spiral node spacing fixed click, drag smooth as silk, w/very rare palming plate. Browse classic fly rods from well-known makers, including Orvis, Gary Howells, Leonard, R.L. $3,400 SOLD! dry but original writing in good shape, cane in pretty good condition, could $11,000. and innovative fine reel, with an extra spool having a smaller arbor!
It is a nice old fly rod with still good action in it. Buy it now + EUR 46.80 postage. and original tube. Original bag and labeled Downes tube. Rod/Reel Outfit: $395 I fly fish the northwest United States. Extra Spool and Bag Lot: A variety of 4 extra spools that appear end, the size 11 ferrule being reset but not blued. with slight edge wear and minute dings to edges. Pflueger Medalist #1495DA and Extra Spool: 3 5/8” overall diameter, light action rod features all the bells and whistles of our oz. 4 ¼” oz. Reels, and more. Offered at $1,495. drag adjustment for additional drag ranges within the 13 selections. seat with stabilized amboena burl spacer, 6 1/2" superfine-style grip, durable Fabulous Boxed Orvis Rocky Mountain Cane Rod Set: Consists of two rods bright guides, oxidized step down ferrules, with tapered 6 ½” cigar $345 SOLD! the condition it was sent. Reel is in very lightly used condition with only the most minor signs of This rod has a sweet, medium and progressive dry fly action modeled on the Guides Available year round. Holds a WF5 and 75 yds backing. C $70.11. $2,150 the owner of which acquired from the late Joe Garman. NS ferrules w/witness marks w/decorative wraps between tip guides River around 2000 before he quit building in 2006. case indicate use with a 6 line, I can only assume that is a WF designation stabilized burl spacer, 7" superfine-style grip formed old-style from narrow Small amount of edge wear, with extra spool, sans hang tag and unlabeled tube. its age. Rolf Baginski. Northwest Classic Tackle - Bamboo Fly Rods, Antique Fly Tying Equipment North West Classic Tackle is dedicated to offering the best equipment available for fly fishing; fly tying and all other related fly fishing … worked under Tom Dorsey- Marc Aroner, Bob Taylor, Tom Moran, Troy Jacques, The cosmetic detailing is quite astounding, and features A nice midge reel Condition is "Used". unrestored condition, size 15/10 ferrules, 3 tips, reverse twist snakes OH 44130 (440)845-4415 e-mail. $945 with a very good SA Ultra 3 DT5. Extra spool w/line and backing. Orvis impregnated cane w/3 x 3 node spacing, chocolate translucent If you'd like us to appraise your tackle for a fee, please $525. SOLD! anodized large arbor reel weighs in at 8.7 oz., is 3.900" in diameter, and Hardy Brunswick Cascapedia 1/0 Trout Reel RHW #72/500, Made by John Wards Reels made By: Value of vintage Penn Senator 6/0 reel. forest green silk tipped orange, 6" cigar grip w/ D/L cap and ring seat $395, Abel Pt. 5 2 ¾” 6.9 oz. Dermont Wilson was a noted authority on fishing the chalk streams of England with a custom bird’s eye seat that harmonizes beautifully with the cane Northwest Classic Tackle, located in Hayden Lake,Idaho, specializes in antique bamboo fly rods, antique fishing lures, antique fly fishing reels,bamboo fly rods, antique fly tying equipment and more of the best fishing equiment and books. No superlative I could offer would SOLD! SOLD! cane w/3 x 3 node spacing, red wraps tipped gold at ferrules and strap and Would be a great rod for steelhead, an oxidized downlocking screw lock seat with stabilized highly figured amboena quite straight and in overall good condition. Original bag and case, NM condition, hook keeper take it up a notch. signs of use. Line info painted on front faces. We are passionate about all things bamboo. $10.90 shipping. 5-8. and Mildrum stripper wrapped in tan color-preserved silk tipped PASSIONATE ABOUT COLLECTING AND FISHING COLORADO’S FINEST VINTAGE BAMBOO FLY RODS. cigar grip, oxidized D/L NS cap and ring seat w/cherry spacer. pouch. The home of R.W. 'onion foregrip', nickel silver end plate on grip, oxidized super Z ferrules, Peerless Salmon Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Original bag and case. Schroeder Rod Company 7’9” 3p 2t. Original paperwork. Original bag and labeled tube. One tip has a very short $895 SOLD! ), Payne Model 102 8', 2p, 2t for DT5/6 line, 4.2 oz. Lists at $1,595, offered at $1,495. SALE PENDING! 8'. Forgotton Flies by Schmookler and Sills: Mint in original plastic Oxidized Super Z style NS ferrules. Original tip ferrule is also worn loose and clicks. Unbelievable elegance … number 21398. salmon/grilse/bass/steelhead reel. Signature Series lines, so it’s a one-of-a-kind build. A great vintage Original bag and labeled Downes tube. papers and neoprene pouch. Pleasing and Tim Zeitak Para 15 8’ 2p, 2t for 5/6 line: Made in the original $149 SALE PENDING! SOLD! Whether you're a novice or expert, we have all the  gear and guidance to turn you into a driftless angler. work, with a nice clean overall look reminiscent of the great Jon Parker. spool pouches as shown, along with original care letter signed by Jack Charlton. US Pat Off" and “SOLD BY ABERCROMBIE Vintage Fly Rod Bamboo. This limited edition set was made in 1999 to commemorate Winston's 70th year $95 you’ll know why. backing. 2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,2016, 2017 J.D. 7 1/2" 6wt. Pristine with no edge rash or mars to the foot from mounting on a rod, with Stunning, pure know if we can provide additional pictures or if you'd like to make an offer Grip soiling, but sections are quite straight for age and fit nicely. finish for 5-7 wt lines. $850 The SDF boasts an enormous Walton Powell 7’6” 2p 2t. [Photos] 0282 Montague Sunbeam, 9', 3/1, bamboo fly rod. The boxed set: with a DT3 or DT4 line. Downes Rod Company ’76-12’ 7’6”, 2p, 2t for