Bulla was born several years after Trunks. Vegeta is a shortening of 'Vegetable'. Vegeta Lyrics: Don't be fooled; I'm nothing special / I know you can do better / I don't have it together / You'll wish you never met me / I promise you'll regret it / With me there's no forever jinperson) Also, Taurus (Or Turles or whatever) is not related to Goku. かめはめ波は Basically, the characters don't have any meaning by themselves, they only represent the sounds. King Vegeta ( Bejīta-ō) - Same as Vegeta's. magicalshounendragonballzcreator liked this The Kamehameha is the most widely used finishing attack in the Dragon Ball series, and is Goku's signature technique. It is also a signature attack of the students of the Turtle School. Goku also uses the Kamehameha as his Ultimate Attack in the video game based on the movie. Vegeta has two children: Trunks and Bulla (or Bra in Japanese). *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. English words for vegeta include vegetate and grow. How to say Vegeta in Japanese? Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Similar Techniques A one-stop shop for all things video games. Sometime later, in the throne room of the palace, Vegeta witnessed his father being used as a footstool by the God of Destruction Beerus during the god's feast. Below are some interesting girl Saiyan names if you want to … Also, unlike the anime, it has more uses than the typical Kamehameha, it can light torches as well as be used as a defibrillator (the latter demonstrated by Roshi saving Goku from near death after Mai shoots him). Vegito's style and choice of color in dressing are also more like Vegeta's. Master Roshi/Future Master Roshi during this scene. Akira Toriyama actually tried a number of poses when he was alone in order to decide the best pose for the Kamehameha. This can cause issues as the meaning behind some names can be lost in translation. We estimate that there are at least 6600 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.001% of the population. For the English dub, even though viewers had to wait a bit, there was a blu ray version that upped the quality significantly more so than when it aired on Japanese television. Based on these personalized variations and others, it is possible that the incantation is the only preparation required to produce the wave. Discover vegeta meaning and improve your English skills! The hands are then thrust forward to shoot out a streaming, powerful beam of energy. [12] She told Akira that it would be easy to remember the name of the attack if he used the name of the cultural Hawaiian king named Kamehameha (lit. All full-blooded Saiyans' birth names are puns on various vegetable names. Some fans believe that these sound effects and ad-libs de-escalated the epicness of the scene and caused it to differ from the original tone the animators were going for. During their fight, in the Japanese, Vegeta has a soliloquy describing what he expects of Cabba and how he should gain more strength. Goku using the Kamehameha while training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. A being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people, especially a male deity thought to control some part of nature … Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Hideyoshi 秀 吉 being his given name) was a 16th-century daimyo who unified Japan and attempted to … It is also a signature attack of the students of the Turtle School. Has a bachelors degree in Studio Arts as well as a completed a continued education course on becoming a veterinary assistant. When you enter the kitchen, ignore what you do not know and trust in their senses. On the last available year for each country, we count 0 birth. In most variants, the user utters the word "Ka-me-ha-me-HA!!!" Similar words of Vegeta are also commonly used in daily talk like as Vegetarian, Vegetative and Vegetation. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. This ended up sounding rather rough and instead of helping to rev up the fight and move it along, it becomes a distraction. Debut Color Other kanji combinations are possible. Vegeta contains MSG which is a food additive, and in years gone by, there has been a misconception that MSG is “bad for you”. 1 Tarble Is Now Canon. See comprehensive translation options on Definitions.net! It's a basic dry seasoning mix of dehydrated carrots, turmeric, garlic, and salt. Dannie is also the Freelance Arts & Entertainment Editor for Japan-CultureNYC as well as an artist, and now has come on board as a Freelance Organic List Writer for Comic Book Resources, specifically about anything anime (or video games). The heroes train, gather Dragon Balls, fight a strange new enemy threatening Earth, and power up enough to barely save the world. ", crushing his scouter in his fist. He is the husband of Bulma, including the father of Trunks and Bra. In the live-action film adaptation Dragonball Evolution, the technique is quite similar to the Kamehameha used in the anime and manga, however with very few differences depending on the user: Roshi has to channel ki from his chest to his arms before he releases it through his hands while Goku has to channel ki outside of him forming an aura as he crosses his arms in an X shape while the rest of the technique is similar to how Goku usually uses it. He later on becomes the great great grandfather of Vegeta Jr.. 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Super Warrior Unit that Crushes Everything, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Kamehameha?oldid=1940702, The name "Kamehameha" which is written as, かめはめ. Boruto: 5 New Costume Designs Fans Love (& 5 They Hated), Naruto: Crazy Fan Theories That May Be True, Dragon Ball Z: 9 Things That Annoyed Even Dedicated Fans, Naruto Uzumaki's 9 Strongest Rasengan, Ranked, 10 Ways Naruto SD Is Nothing Like The Original Series, Attack On Titan: 10 Times Armin Proved Himself MVP, Naruto: 10 Worst Things Orochimaru Did That Everyone Forgot About, Naruto: Top 15 Fan-Favorite Characters (According To MyAnimeList), Demon Slayer: 10 Times The Main Characters Needed Help Winning A Battle, 10 Times Boruto Was Actually Better Than Naruto: Shippuden, 10 Anime To Watch If You Liked Prison School, 10 Ways Sakura Changed Between Naruto & Shippuden. The Kamehameha is the most widely used finishing attack in the Dragon Ball series, and is Goku's signature technique. Just add Vegeta seasoning to your favorite chicken, meat, seafood, stew, pasta, salad, risotto or soup dish and experience the taste magic. But, in English, he is talking directly to Cabba. Vegeta [food] Vegeta is a condiment which is a mixture of spices and various vegetables invented in 1959 by a Croatian scientist Zlata Bartl, and has become a product sold worldwide. Blasting BeamBuster CannonFinal FlashFull Power Energy WaveGalick GunMasenkoMakosenVoltage MissileGreat Saiyaman Beam Black Kamehameha. Mika. That’s because one Japanese name can have a plethora of meanings. However, Vegeta's line was never supposed to be "it's over 9000!" In their battle against Bio-Broly, both Trunks and Goten use the attack; however, Trunks extends both arms to sides and begins charging the attack, and after saying the incantation, he throws his hands forth and fires a blue energy blast with Goten's Kamehameha. However, in America, Super aired on Adult Swim, an evening block of anime programming suited for older audiences. It means that this name is rarely used. Class : みか Katakana Katakana is also a Japanese syllabary. In his base form, Android 13 was stronger than Goku, at one point pinning him down with his powerful SS Deadly Bomber attack. Oct 4, 2019 - Vegeta will be on the new category meaning he has all his category slots filled I am Happy=) - Vegeta will be on the new category meaning he has all his category slots filled I am Happy=) – popular memes on the site ifunny.co From Japanese 秀 meaning "excellent, outstanding" combined with 良 meaning "good, virtuous, respectable" or 吉 meaning "good luck". In certain parts of the series,there are unnecessary script ad-libs that some fans believe can sometimes ruin the mood. I've never seen it in action before." All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. For example: surname: Yamada-san Turtle Destruction WaveTurtle Devastation WaveCharged Energy Blast[1]Heat Seeking Blast[1]Kamehameha WavePower Blast[1]Wind WaveDragon PowerKaio-ken (Saban dub)Super Great Saiyaman Beam It can also be attached to the name of occupations and titles. The name Vegeta has six characters. Every name in the Dragon Ball universe has a meaning, and with their Japanese pronunciations, some are more obvious than others. "Saiya" is also an anagram of "yasai," which can mean either vegetable or salad.       &       or       &       or       &       or       &       or       &       or       &       Majin Buu's various forms can also use the Super Kamehameha, which also has a pink color or the original blue color. In Super, even in the Japanese version, the incantation is silly, but then, in English, they decide to make it sillier still, adding 'peas and carrots' to the original 'pretty peas'. Discover Vegeta meaning and improve your English skills! Making your own Vegeta is rather simple. In both the Japanese and the English, there are differences in its explanation. Tien Shinhan also easily copied it during the tournament. Dragon Ball Z is owned by Toei Animation and Fuji TV, please support the official release. Super Baby 2 will be the next character to grace the cast of Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3, but there's one question that many players still have regarding the … Even though a lot of Vegeta’s quotes are humorous, there are some Vegeta … Whitish-blue is its standard and original color. Vegeta first appeared in the manga chapter #204 Sayōnara Son Gokū first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on December 19, 1988, and in episode 5 of its anime adaptation Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta was originally a dangerous enemy who sought to use the Dragon Balls to gain immortality, but later became an antihero as even greater threats were introduced in the series. Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat both do a great job at voicing Goku and Vegeta in the Funimation dub, however, there are some moments where the US voice actors use a different tone than the original actors. "The fusion dance" is based on perfect equality, hence the perfect split in Gogeta. After much contemplation, he could not decide on a name for his "Kame" attack, so he asked his wife (Nachi Mikami), who came up with the name. It was also learned by Krillin and Yamcha, who use it during the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament against Chiaotzu and Tien Shinhan respectively. #5 – Vegeta [Dragon Ball Z] Yes, Dragon Ball Z is a fairly formulaic anime. In Japanese, "~ san (~さん)" is a title of respect added to a name. RELATED: 10 Most Overpowered Families In Anime, Ranked. Pronunciation of Vegeta in roman Urdu is "sabzee" and Translation of Vegeta in Urdu writing script is سبزی. Directory: Techniques → Offensive Techniques → Energy Wave, "Wait, I've heard of this technique. English words for 語句 include phrase, word and phraseology. See 2 authoritative translations of Vegeta in English with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations. In the English dub, the studio does their best to cast voice actors who fit the character as well as sometimes sound similar to the original Japanese voice actor, as in Frieza's case for example. and such to Goku's lines as he gives Frieza a boost. your own Pins on Pinterest A submission from Michigan, U.S. says the name Vegeta means "Lust" and is of Greek origin. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The reason Vegito takes on more of Vegeta's looks is that personality is a result of the method of fusion. In the FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta explains the form to Cabba by saying they "used to call it a god form, but not anymore", implying that Super Saiyan Blue is no longer considered a god form. 2020's populaire groothandel, Gerelateerde Producten, Promotie, Prijs trends in Speelgoed & Hobbies, Licht & verlichting, Sieraden & accessoires met japanese figure vegeta en groothandel, Gerelateerde Producten, Promotie, Prijs. In the English dub, there always seemed to keep a certain level of mysticism as to what Super Saiyan Blue actually is. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Another important thing to note is that in Japan, a baby is given an informal name six days after the birth. Dragon Ball Z (Japanese: ドラゴンボールZ, Hepburn: Doragon Bōru Zetto, commonly abbreviated as DBZ) is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation.It is the sequel to Dragon Ball and adapts the latter 324 chapters of the original 519-chapter Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama which ran in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1984 to 1995. And the connection between the name and the snack is unfortunately lost. Master Roshi's Kamehameha is called the Original Kamehameha in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, and requires some time to charge. However, in the US version of the show, his name was changed to simply 'Top.' For those who watch the original dub and then the English, it seems a bit off. Goku learns it after witnessing Master Roshi unleashing the blast to extinguish the flames at Ox-King's home on Fire Mountain. Because the Kamehameha has expanded to the arsenal of heroes, allies, and even villains, it has been personalized by few; something mostly done by characters who did not graduate Roshi's Turtle School (like Tien Shinhan for example). as he/she charges and releases the attack. Saiyan ( Saiya-jin) - In Japanese, saiya is formed by rearranging the syllables of the Japanese word yasai which means "vegetable". Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Majuub's Chocolate Kamehameha has a pink color (but is blue in its debut). Find more Italian words at wordhippo.com! Dragon Ball always had some of these things originally incorporated of course, but it seems in the English dub, more was added in certain circumstances. In Dragon Ball Super, some slap-stick gags still translate regardless of the language but any literal jokes go over English viewers' heads, so are often rewritten to localize and often lose their brilliance. This can result in the character coming across as more aloof than originally intended and can change the tone of the scene and the interactions with in it. Anime Most Dragon Ball fans probably aren't acquainted with Vegeta's brother ... Goku's father, name, which is a pun on the root vegetable 'burdock' used in Japanese cooking. Vegeta and Bulma are my Oxygen shakunetsu: “I’ve been meaning to translate this for years, but eventually ended up forgetting about it. In anime, there isn't a need to have their original Japanese intros, outros, and overall soundtrack translated into English word for word. E : Persons are freedom-loving, sensual and enthusiastic. King Vegeta; Vegeta (seen with it as a child, during Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku and various flashbacks) 90px: King Kai's kanji, 界王, pronounced kaiō and meaning "world king" King Kai wears these two kanji on a large, round patch on the front of his uniform. Let your imagination is the only recipe. Vegeta first appears in chapter #204 Sayonara, Son Goku (さようなら孫悟空, Sayōnara Son Gokū), published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on November 7, 1988, seeking the wish-granting Dragon Balls to gain immortality. Kamehameha However, the dialogue of one important encounter that they have in the Universe Tournament was toned down in the English dub. An example of this being during a pivotal moment in the series history where Goku and Frieza team up to fight Jiren. Vasabi (Japanese origin), derived from the word “Wasabi.” 26. Once you discover the difference a little Vegeta makes in food, you'll be using it all the time. The Kamehameha (かめはめ波は, Kamehameha) is the first energy attack shown in the Dragon Ball series. Once you've watched the video, then you can read the rest of the article to learn all 37 cool Japanese words and phrases. Goku uses the Feet Kamehameha to attack Piccolo Jr. Goku fires the Kaio-ken Kamehameha at Vegeta's Galick Gun, Super Saiyan 4 Goku uses the 10x Kamehameha, Gogeta powers up a Big Bang Kamehameha to fire at Omega Shenron, A Super Saiyan character releasing a Kamehameha in Dragon Ball Online, Imitation Kamehameha in Dragon Ball Online. This page provides all possible translations of the word Vegeta in almost any language. Vegeta meaning in Urdu is sabzee. The more concentration put into it will make the Kamehameha stronger (such as when Goku combines his normal form with Oozaru form into the attack and forms the Kamehameha into a traditional beam rather than a small flow of energy). During the Namek Saga, Krillin also uses a different stance on different occasions, normally alongside Gohan's Masenko; with one hand behind the other, Krillin says the incantation and unleashes the Kamehameha Wave. Discount Prices on sale now. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. In most versions of the scene dubbed in other languages, Vegeta actually says "It's over 8000!". English words for 品 include goods, article, thing, dignity and counter for meal courses. But whether you select a traditional Japanese name or a modern one, its meaning in Japanese is a lot likely to be complex. G : Persons are an intellectually active person with loads of drive and the ability to make things happen. ; Search for more names by meaning. Vegeta/Bejita thrives in situations where any man wishes to set foot in, and comes out a TOTAL FUCKING BADASS every time. V : Persons are a seer and have great intuition. Most of the time, the lyrics end up not making much sense and just sound wrong and it ruins the experience. The Kamehameha virtually appears in every licensed Dragon Ball video games up to date being it is the signature technique of the main protagonist, Goku, and also appears in several other crossover video games that features Goku and various other Dragon Ball characters. The Kamehameha, as seen in Dragonball: Evolution. In all of the Dragon Ball dubs, as with Super, there have been silly incantations when summoning Shenron to come forth once all of the Dragon Balls are in place. Despite this, the one thing I love about Dragon Ball are the personalities of its many bad guys. Also, a small addition to the script of Vegeta's last words of advice to Cabba that didn't quite fit in the first place. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! vegetable definition: 1. a plant, root, seed, or pod that is used as food, especially in dishes that are not sweet: 2. a…. The Kamehameha was invented by Master Roshi by practicing for fifty years spanning pre-Dragon Ball. When they are dubbed in English, the names are changed phonetically to make sense to the audience's ears. Japanese Cards *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Vol. - Saiyan Warrior Race - Super Saiyan - Prodigies - Royal Lineage - Formidable Enemy Resurrected Warriors - Majin Buu Saga - Pure Saiyans - Vegeta's Family - Super Saiyans - Worthy Rivals - Otherworld Warriors - All-Out Struggle - Connected Hopes It is so easy to use, simply sprinkle Vegeta on meat, poultry or fish during preparation for roasting, grilling or barbecuing, or top off soups, sauces, stews, vegetables, casseroles, and salads with Vegeta as a final gourmet touch. It is still a mystery in itself as to why there is such a childish incantation to summon such an impressive wish-granter as the Super Shenron, to begin with, but then again, Dragon Ball is a comedy as well. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! He is the eldest son of King Vegeta, and is the older brother of Tarble. "the very lonely one" or "the one set apart" in Hawaiian language). This differs greatly from the statement in the original Japanese, where Vegeta simply tells Cabba that the form is called "Super Saiyan Blue". Proving how famous Vegeta is in the world of Anime. In the case of Super, the first intro song 'Super Dynamic', especially the Toonami version, isn't as engaging as fans would hope it to be. Manga: "Kame Kame Kame Kame Kame Chameleon"Anime: "The Kamehameha Wave" When Goku is in his Super Saiyan 4 form, his 10x Kamehameha is red-colored. Learn Vegeta in English translation and other related translations from Portuguese to English. English words for パン include bread, pan, pang, pans, buns and loaves. By drawing his latent ki into the palms of his hands, Roshi is able to expel an explosive beam of ki energy. Break the rules, improvise ... reengage known and go into the unknown. Read More: Dragon Ball: 10 Best (And 5 Worst) Transformations, Ranked VOICE. More notable is the background song 'Ultimate Battle', which played during the final fight to end the Universe Tournament between Goku and Jiren. 7 Character Interactions Change Meaning Between The Two Versions In the Japanese dub, Vegeta and Cabba, a young Saiyan from another Universe, develop a mentor-student relationship. Vegeta tried to help his father, but Beerus paralyzed him. However, the dialogue of one important encounter that they have in the Universe Tournament was toned down in the English dub. Directory: Techniques → Offensive Techniques → Energy Wave The Kamehameha (かめはめ波は, Kamehameha) is the first energy attack shown in the Dragon Ball series. RELATED: Dragon Ball Super: 10 Strongest Characters In The Tournament Of Power, Ranked. In Age 732, Vegeta was born to King Vegeta III and the queen.. Translate Vegeta. She also loves animals, art, fashion, photography and travel, as she has vacationed in Japan at least once a year since 2013. The power and concentration of the different types of Kamehameha also vary greatly. What's the Japanese translation of Vegeta? There are other instances where Vegeta seems a bit out of character, notably where he refers to his wife Bulma colloquially as 'babe' while looking for Beerus. However, the English writers did do their best and put a lot of extra work into the script so the jokes make sense but don't tickle as much as if they were to be watched in their original format. He’s a little arrogant, cocky, but smart, intelligent, and a great tactician. Dec 1, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Luis Herazo. Find out more items in Dress Up Pretend Play department… — Yamcha in "The Kamehameha Wave", Kamehameha It can be used with both male and female names, and with either surnames or given names. An example of this being one of the strongest of Universe 11, who in the Japanese, is named 'Toppo', like that of the popular cookie stick snack. Find more Japanese words at wordhippo.com! Since in Japan, Super aired on television at 9 am within primetime children's programming, there weren't any swears or the incorporation of any certain risky scenarios. Saiyans. Good Saiyan Names For Girls. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? Vegeta Transforms Into A Super Saiyan (High Quality Japanese Vegeta vs. Freeza (Japanese) #dragon ball z #vegeta #freeza #frieza #dbz clips . Dannie Pierce is a Japan enthusiast based in New York who loves and appreciates everything to do with Japan, from anime, manga, video/arcade games, to food and the culture, as well as the language. Energy Wave And strategist, too. RELATED: Dragon Ball Super: 10 Reasons Broly Is Stronger Than Goku. Some are subtle, and yet some are so evident and unnecessary that they are absurd to fans of the series. Just 1 google search of “Vegeta” brings up over 25 million results. The name Vegeta is ranked on the 29,435th position of the most used names. Adding subtitles would be just as good for most fans so the initial feeling of the scene or opening and ending themes can be appreciated. In some episodes of Dragon Ball Z and some video games, the color of Goku's Kamehameha color is yellow instead of the primary blue color and Gohan's Electric Kamehameha in his ultimate form is also yellow. NEXT: Dragon Ball: 10 Things That Were Changed For American Audiences. Between 1944 and 2019 there were 1 birth of Vegeta in the countries below, which represents an average of 0 birth of children bearing the first name Vegeta per year on average throughout this period. Also, Goku's absolute move introduced towards the end of the series, referred to simply as 'Ultra Instinct' in Japanese, was dubbed 'Autonomous Ultra Instinct' in English for some reason. ; According to a user from Texas, U.S., the name Vegeta is of English origin and means "Powerful". It can be used on a variety of foods, from pork to chicken, even shrimp. Vegeta ( Bejīta) - The first six letters of " vegeta ble". In response to Nappa's query about Goku's power level, Vegeta yells: "It's over nine thousand! Within Dragon Ball Super, as with most anime, there are differences between the original Japanese and English dubs. (saiya yasai*in japanese* Vegetable. Vegeta (ベジータ) is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race, and he is the arch rival of Son Goku. Vegeta or Prince Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race and arch-rival to Goku.He is the husband of Bulma, the father of Trunks and Bulla, the estranged older brother of Tarble, Rival of Karrkaz The Saiyan and the great-great grandfather of Vegeta Jr..He first appears in Dragon Ball Z as an antagonist, but he forms an allegiance with the Z Fighters in the Namek and Frieza Sagas. Vegeta (Japanese: ベジータ, Hepburn: Bejīta) (/vəˈdʒiːtə/ və-JEE-tə), also known as Prince Vegeta (ベジータ王子, Bejīta-ōji) or alternatively styled as Vegeta IV (ベジータ四世, Bejīta Yon-sei) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama. User Submitted Meanings. Nappa is … Saiya-jin is supposed to also mean vegetable. Discover (and save!) Appears in Those in Japan that were fortunate enough to see the series in its original formatting are lucky to be the first to have seen it, however, on Japanese television, the animation and resolution were obviously lacking. Goku fires a Kamehameha to destroy the Merry-Go-Round Gum, Goku fires the Kamehameha at Ninja Murasaki, Goku's Kamehameha does not reach Ninja Murasaki, Goku charges a Kamehameha while he falls down, Grandpa Gohan fires his Kamehameha at Goku, Goku firing the Kamehameha at the Pilaf Machines, Goku fires a Kamehameha at the Fused Pilaf Machine, Goku's Kamehameha reaches the Fused Pilaf Machine, Krillin charges a Kamehameha to fire at Chiaotzu, Master Roshi fires the Kamehameha at Master Shen, Goku charges a Kamehameha to kill Tambourine, Goku charges his Kamehameha to fire at the old King Piccolo, Goku uses the Kamehameha on Kami's Lookout, Krillin fires a Kamehameha to stop the lava, Yamcha fires the Kamehameha to stop the lava, Krillin's Kamehameha does not reach Piccolo, Part of the fortress destroyed by Goku's Kamehameha, Krillin fires his Kamehameha at Shorty and Scarface, Goku charges a Kamehameha while in the Other World, Krillin prepares a Kamehameha to attack Nappa, Krillin's Kamehameha and Piccolo's Makosen fired at Nappa, Goku's Kamehameha counterattacks Nappa's Break Cannon, Krillin charges a Kamehameha on Fake Namek, Krillin fires his Kamehameha while on Fake Namek, The user's hands when firing the Kamehameha, Krillin firing a Kamehameha as part of a combined attack with Gohan, Gohan's Masenko and Krillin's Kamehameha approach Frieza, Krillin charging his Kamehameha in the sea, Goku fires a Kamehameha while training at the beginning of, Goku using the Kamehameha after recovering from the heart virus, Goku charges a Kamehameha in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku firing the Kamehameha in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku charges a Kamehameha to fire at God Guardons, Goku charges a Kamehameha in the Other World, Goten fires a Kamehameha to stop Culture Fluid, SS3 Goku fires a yellow Kamehameha at Majin Buu, Janemba's clone of Goku prepares a Kamehameha, Janemba's clone of Goku fires his Kamehameha, An illusion of Gohan prepares a Kamehameha inside Buu, Super Saiyan Goku fires a Kamehameha at Hirudegarn, Goku charging his Kamehameha against Luffy and Toriko, GT Goku using the Kamehameha against Luud, Goku charges a Kamehameha against Super Sigma, Pan's first on screen attempt of the infamous technique, GT Goku charges a Kamehameha against Rilldo, GT Goku fires his Kamehameha at General Rilldo, GT Goku threatens Meta-Rilldo with a Kamehameha, GT Goku charges a yellow Kamehameha against Baby on M-2, Baby is impaled by Goku's yellow Kamehameha, GT Goku charges another yellow Kamehameha against Baby on Pital, GT Goku fires a Kamehameha on Sugoroku Space, SS4 Goku charges a Kamehameha against Baby, Gohan's Kamehameha coming toward Super 17, Goku charges a Kamehameha to fire at Super 17, Goku finishes off Rage Shenron with a Kamehameha, Rage Shenron is finished by Goku's Kamehameha, Naturon Shenron firing the Kamehameha at Goku, GT Goku prepares a Kamehameha to attack Nuova Shenron, GT Goku fires a Kamehameha at Omega Shenron, Super Saiyan Goku about to fire his Kamehameha in, Kid Buu firing his Kamehameha at Goten in, Goku firing his Kamehameha on Saiyaman in, Frieza using his Kamehameha on Krillin in, Goku about to blast Super Android 13 with a Kamehameha in, A close-up of Goku using the Kamehameha while using Kaio-Ken in, Imperfect Cell fires a Kamehameha in Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Goku's Kamehameha and Nuova's Fire Ki Blast in, Teen Gohan fires a Kamehameha at Super 13 in, Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) uses the Kamehameha in, Goku charges a Kamehameha in the intro to, Goku fires his Kamehameha in the intro to, Cell about to be hit by Goku's Kamehameha in, Goku charges a Kamehameha to summon a character in, Goku fires a Kamehameha to summon a character, Ascended Super Saiyan Goku charges a Kamehameha in, Super Saiyan Blue charges a Kamehameha in, Super Saiyan Blue Goku fires a Kamehameha in, Super Saiyan Blue Goku charges a Kamehameha in, 18 Ki Super Attack of Invincible Absorption Majin Buu (Gotenks) as seen in Dokkan Battle.
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