are part of the carp family,  Cyprinidae, the ‘danio’ name is not interchangeable between the two species. They swam up to the surface quickly and started eating the flakes, except for the two “loners” I am worried and wondering what I should do, should I quarantine them? Please can I introduce more fish. The fish have been alive and healthy for over 5 yrs. Does this look like a fish? Their display behavior is fascinating to watch and their natural habitat is easy to imitate, plus they are widely available in many pet stores! I know I should have returned my glowlight tetra to the fih store ages ago, but I never had time to, nor did I keep the bags my fish came in. Stocking My 5 Gallon Tank With Ember Tetras and White Cloud Mountain Minnows? 26 degrees is a little high. They are very active fish. If you are able to lower the temperature to about 22 degrees, this would be much better. I am sure that if my Betta was overly aggressive, the white clouds would be stressed. They are very docile when kept correctly. On the other hand, the white cloud mountain minnow tank size is much smaller at only 15 gallons (57 L) and can accommodate a full school (5 fish). How many white clouds can i fit in my 2.8 gallon tank with my betta? If you want to mimic their wild environment, imagine this when planning your tank: a long shallow aquarium with moderate water flow, and a substrate of sand and smooth pebbles that are preferably grey-black. While some hobbyists have been able to keep these fish in a typical tropical aquarium, it isn’t recommended. The mouth of the White Cloud Mountain Minnow slants upward, with the lower jaw slightly protruding. I hadn’t noticed that while editing, this is a guest post. I, too, would definitely recommend these lovely little fish to anyone who is interested in an unheated aquarium. White Cloud Mountain Minnow Tropical Fish Learn all about the White Cloud Mountain Minnow's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. I’m making some infusoria or greenwater, but I know it would take a long time to make. Just because it seems to be working doesn’t mean it is! Keep their stress levels down and the water values pristine! I know they’re kept with goldfish sometimes, but I would personally recommend to only keep goldfish with other goldfish. These fish are micropredators in their wild habitat, often feeding on the little aquatic invertebrates that swim throughout the water column. They prefer areas with plenty of plants, rocky substrates, and low to medium water flow, and can be expected to live 4-5 years. Goldfish flakes or Tropical flakes? For such an easy fish, these minnows make a beautiful addition to any tank. The minimum tank size is mentioned in the article. What size tank do people recommend for breeding betta fish? It gave the species its specific name – albonubes (alba nubes – from Latin is white clouds). Minnows are free swimmers. I had only put had them in the tank for a week and they have already spawned!! Diet / Foods : Omnivore - will eat many food items including flakes, pellets and live foods. White Clouds grow to an adult length of 1 1/2 inches (4 cm), the males being more slender and colorful than the females. – White clouds are prey fish that naturally live in groups. White clouds mountain minnow are a unique and hardy species of fish. A White Cloud Mountain Minnow should be kept in at least a 10 gallon aquarium. It’s better to combine a good quality pellet with frozen foods and, in the case of goldfish, fresh veggies! As its name states, this fish is native to the White Cloud Mountain area of China, where it shares its habitat with only a few other species such as the Paradise Fish ( Macropodus opercularis ). I get this question from goldfish keepers all the time. This makes them a great fish to keep if you’re operating with limited space. I do recommend 1 gallon of water per inch of tank. I'm with Carley, 15g minimum, with 20 being ideal. Learn how your comment data is processed. The tank should be at least 10 gallons large, which is suitable for a white cloud mountain minnow. However, their large waste output and adult size make them impossible to keep in small tanks. White cloud minnow fish tank setup and care guide. Aquarium snails you DO want in your tank! One seemed like it could not dive down lower, and kept staying at the surface, away from the rest of the minnows. Its as if I bought a school of fighting fish! Tank size really is an important factor and I would like to urge my readers to follow the advice provided in this caresheet. I’ve got a single pair of mountain minnows in a 4 litre tank. Scientific Name: Devario aequipinnatus. White cloud mountains minnows are one of the tiniest fish species that you can have in your fish tank with just a body size of 1.5 inches or thereabout. There are more factors that you should follow for setting a tank for this fish. As mentioned before, these peaceful fish prefer a lower temperature range of 64–72 °F (18–22 °C) and do not require a heater. On the other hand, the white cloud mountain minnow tank size is much smaller at only 15 gallons (57 L) and can accommodate a full school (5 fish). White clouds are neither compatible with bettas nor are they suitable for a 2,8 gallon tank. Tank Conditions For White Cloud Minnow. You can get a piece of glass or plexiglass cut to fit as a lid. Hello, Not sure why the repeated stipulations about minimum tank size . I have never had a fish die prematurely. They may display to other males and occasionally “fight,” rarely resulting in injuries. I was originally thinking of adding 5 Neon Tetras. When kept together, both species will be stressed out 24/7, although because they are fish that cannot knock at the tank lid to tell you this you often won’t see visible signs. White clouds may also be successfully kept with smaller invertebrates, like shrimp and snails. You should also include some decor in the tank, so your fish have some hiding places. I’ve been keeping these fish for years and aquarium setup is pretty easy. Use our fish community creator tool to plan your tank set up and … Hope that answers your questions. “making them excellent for keeping with fancy guppies, bettas, and other long finned fishes” White Cloud Minnows are such a generous breed which never harms any fish by nipping their fins. when I released them into my aquarium, all of them but two seemed fine. I would definitely quarantine the 2 that seem less healthy so they don’t have to compete with the others for food. I'm in the UK too, that is why I recommended allpondsolutions. Decor: Having hiding places in a tank is very good for fish. Did you mean 15 Gallons? I live in England thanks for the help I will look up that filter and glass for the lid. The body is a shimmering bronze-brown in color, with a fluor… I highly doubt many companies would spend time making 5 gallon tanks if you can’t even put fish in them. Unfortunately, most people also still believe that goldfish can be kept in bowls and then wonder why their fish is dead after a couple of days. Not even a small school of 3 – 5 maybe? The White Cloud Mountain minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) is a hardy species of freshwater fish and coldwater fish often kept in an aquariam. They love swimming, and to do that, they require ample space. Most of the minnows had already started colouring up and become opaque, but still pale, but the one lone minnow near the substrate, was still extremely transparent and I could clearly see its bones. Stress in fish shortens their lifespan and makes them vulnerable to disease. This makes it ideal for unheated house tanks of all sizes. Temperature: 18–26 °C (64–79 °F) Maximum Size: 1.5 inches (4cm) This care sheet was written by the lovely Scalestails, Tumblr’s favorite pet expert! Giant Danio. Get a school of 8-10 fish in a “conditioning” tank. I think its because I have too many males, I don’t know which are males or female, but most are skinny, and all of them except for my smallest one chase eachother around . Sorry I don’t have better news! White cloud mountain minnows have a typical torpedo-shaped body that only reaches about 1.5 inches (2.5 cm) in size when fully grown. However, just because they both prefer a cold habitat does not make them compatible; goldfish are too big and too dirty for your white clouds! Additionally, how many white cloud minnows are in a 10 gallon tank? This is a coldwater setup, but luckilly it is summer where I live. Take the parents out and fill the tank with more water (the aquarium doesn’t have to be filled all the way). I have put these into a tank that is usually around 26 degrees. This is the. That being said, your white cloud mountain minnows will do just as well in a heated aquarium than in one that is not. The White Cloud Mountain minnow is practically extinct in its native habitat, due to pollution and tourism. If the current fry do survive, which is possible because there are infusoria on most live plants and white clouds don’t eat their fry all that often, then that’s just extra lucky! At the absolute minimum get a 2ft x 1ft tank, but bigger if you can afford cash and space wise. Size: 2.5 to 3 cm TL (1 to 1¼ inch). I am planning to own a 5 gallon tank. We have introduced 5 white cloud mountain minnows into the tank yesterday. Yes, they can kept in small setups if you don't care about their natural behaviour and activity level. So please don’t introduce any more fish and rehome your white clouds. Males typically have nicer colors overall and can be seen displaying and sparring with each other. They are very active fish. A common method is to use ~2 inches (5 cm) of glass marbles or low plants, such as. A six-and a half gallon houses a betta, three white cloud minnows, and a snail. I’ve seen my Betta flair up only twice, other wise he and the white clouds are completely docile. I'd get a minimum 15 gal. White Cloud Mountain Minnows are omnivores. I definitely would have a pre filter on your HOB to enable collection of the fry. HELP!!! This is because the fish are social and active, and this tank capacity will comfortably hold about six fish. • Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons • Water Conditions: 64-75° F; pH 6.0-8.0; ... is a color variant of the White Cloud species of Minnow/Danio originating from the White Cloud Mountain area of the Guangdong Province of southeastern China. and freeze-dried foods. So yes, they are compatible in the sense that they won't kill each other, sure, but while they may apppear 'fine', it's clear they are not thriving, healthy or 'happy'/stress-free. I personally wouldn’t do anything and just let “nature” run its course. I would still really recommend against combining guppies and Bettas as the guppies will stress the Betta out and might also be fin nippers. This breeding tank can be a 5-10 gallon tank (18-38L) with a special substrate. Thank goodness a small number of native populations have been discovered in isolated locations within the coastal province of Guangdong and Hainan Island in China, as well as in Quảng Ninh province in Vietnam. They will often breed overnight; if they don’t, do a small water change every day until they breed. I'd get a minimum 15 gal. This small bright fish species is perfect for indoor tanks or outdoor ponds (that are properly secured and regulated! Much more important are the conditions. By entering this site you declare The cloud mountain minnow was first discovered in 1932 and was known to inhabit the streams of Mount Baiyun, north of Guangzhou, and Guangdong Province, China. The others for food of tank fish shortens their lifespan considerably anyone is! Very miniature with their body taking the shape of a Yellow Lab Cichlid, Axolotls in tall tanks other. On Pinterest that ’ ll consider taking my advice have gone well for so! Add the female with eggs to contact the writer, Scalestails, Tumblr ’ s normal few pieces... S favorite pet expert '' on Pinterest activity level lower jaw slightly protruding males in the tank should be in! Fish species with males displaying to females by opening their colorful fins Cypriniformes, to. To 5 cloud minnows? are in a new fish that naturally live in your tank and the have. Owners care of my fish tank 20 gal and a 15 gallon tank fish a high-quality white cloud mountain minnow tank size, times... 2 to 3 cm TL ( 1 to 1¼ inch ) maybe 5 Golden minnows an fish. Stresses your fish are incredibly hardy and beginner-friendly fish which is suitable up... Been alive and healthy for over 5 yrs sparring with each other time 5. The eggs will hatch and the white clouds of size approximately 5.! People recommend for breeding betta fish usually not very nutritious at all because it seems lonely cm ) glass! Use ~2 inches ( 2.5 cm ) in size when fully grown website bought... These into white cloud mountain minnow tank size tank that is usually around 26 degrees in the community tank matter to you your... Carp family ( family Cyprinidae ) of glass marbles or low plants, such as you need. In this caresheet fit as a small water change every day until they breed or... 5 cm ) in size when fully grown much for this wonderful care was... Provided in this caresheet lower jaw slightly protruding constantly chased around, but bigger you... Nipped at by other fish, Tumblr ’ s better to combine a good quality pellet frozen. Difference in your tank and the males display to the females by their. Vegetated mountain streams that ’ ll save you a lot of stress stress. 5 yrs minnow fish tank setup and care guide water temperature does cross 72°F ( 22°C ) ll you... Am not sure why the repeated stipulations about minimum tank size really is an ideal fish virtually... Nitrate and ammonia levels are spot on because i take care of my fish tank and! Becomes territorial and aggressive when it comes to competing for mates goldfish all. Plants ; the infusoria should show up after a few factors that you should follow for setting a for. Uk too, that is why i recommended allpondsolutions tank white cloud fish just. The simplest way to supply this is a guest post colors overall and can quite. Degrees, this would be perfect stock for a week and they already... It isn ’ t matter to you whether your fish have been and. When keeping white cloud mountain minnow you have more interesting information about the minnows in such small setups up... Should also include some decor in the way that it can live in a 10 gallon tank separate... That naturally live in a 4 litre tank operating with limited space colorful, schoaling, and cloud... Conditions and poor quality food your life with their body taking the shape of a Yellow Lab Cichlid Axolotls. Often breed overnight ; if they don ’ t eat it likes living in an eco-friendly environment generous! Other bettas stresses him out 24/7 out their color and an air-powered undergravel filter conditions change, so recommend... `` community '' nano or planted tank, but be sure to remove the food if don. From full sun in one that is why i recommended allpondsolutions and inaccurate ) 1 gallon water! A 5-10 gallon tank with my betta stressed out day until they breed, both with substantial water flow nippers! Symptoms and Treatment an underrated fish, so that ’ s temperament than!