The nature of the relationship between Nana and Hachi is an audacious one by mainstream shoujo manga standards, with Nana confused about how to relate to Hachi… Shin is the youngest member and bassist of BLAST, but also a wise and cunning boy. However, their relationship gradually cooled and he cheated on her with Sachiko, a cute and friendly co-worker and co-ed who fell in love with him without knowing about Hachi. She wears one piercing in each ear and pink lipstick with clear gloss she also wears pink eye shadow mainly in the manga. However, Takumi finds out about them and tells Shin to back off so as not to destroy Reira's reputation. Rather, the story centers on Nana and Hachi. Language: English Words: 2,245 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 15 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 115; Seven Ways the Earth Turns and … Shin's mother committed suicide soon after he was born. At the core of NANA is not Ren (Nana’s boyfriend) and Nana’s relationship nor is it Hachi and her romantic entanglements. However, she is usually a quiet and calm person who is good at observing others. He is the Deuteragonist of the ''Octo Expansion'' arc. Each chapter is written from Hachi's POV, looking back on her relationship with Nana- almost like a journal. Notice at Collection I’m definitely on the boat that Nana and her stamen had a pretty good relationship, maybe even romantic? Volume 8 and 9 and 10 Agent 8 (Hachi in the original Japanese, and given the nickname by Goggles) was a former member of the Octarian Army alongside Nana (Seven in the English Viz translation), Afro (Burns), and Ponytail. When Nana gets angry at Takumi for continually disrupting Hachi's relationship with Nobu, Takumi coldly retorts that Nobu should have stayed away from "his" woman. However, their relationship is more complicated than it seems. I love chosen families like this. Miu gets jealous easily, especially if Yasu is around Nana or Shion. MissColetteBrunel 122,671 views. (P.S. Language: English Words: 157 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 5 Hits: 50; tender rain by avalon01k ... Two vignettes from inside Hachi and Nana's relationship where they ruminate on certain feelings. She also manages to find a job. Nana was adapted by studio Madhouse during the spring 2006 season. The … Nana and Ren get reunited that night and continue their romance. Nana Komatsu, a.k.a. Other characters note Takumi's change in attitude such as when Naoki mentions Takumi was not letting the woman he was infatuated with "run away that easily". His mother's husband raised him as his second son, but never had any warm feelings towards him. Nobu resembles Hachi a lot - he is also innocent and sensitive, just like her. She’s probably full blown anti APE if that did happen. The only reason I thought he may have some sort of feelings is his memory of her running to her stamen, he’s kinda just watching her.. now, that by no means signifies any romantic feelings, but it kinda reminded me of how Ichigo was always watching Hir02 together. He also tells her that she can be one of his lovers, but that they can never be together officially. Nana is basically about two women named Nana, Nana Oosaki and Nana Komatsu, who become friends when they move to Tokyo and end up sharing an apartment. Regardless, poor Nana. I’ll write more about how the series is put together further down the road, but the way their relationship grows and fractures is at the heart of the series. Her stamen was clearly butchered, and I thought the pistils took the damage? Hachi, has developed quite the crush on Nana Osaki and is very devoted to her. As a result Takumi is trying to help Hachi find Nana so that they can be together again as family. In the meantime, Hachi also gets close to Nobu, a guitarist in BLAST, and finds herself between two men. Hachi went after him and stayed with him. I just don’t see any evidence yet that Hachi thought of Nana as anything more than a teammate, but I did kinda get these comparison vibes from them. The moment she saw him she was captivated with his aura and later on, when she was invited to become their band's vocalist and when Black Stones (BLAST) was formed, they started going out and moved in together. However, it is hinted throughout the series that Nana has never really forgiven Ren for leaving her behind, probably because her mother abandoned her as a child and she has a huge fear of losing someone close to her again. Advertising In the meantime I guess I'll hold of on watching the anime in the hopes that … However, everything changed when Ren was offered a position as a guitarist in a popular band, Trapnest, in Tokyo. 5 Hachi and Takumi This relationship is one that often upsets fans of Nana. . Shoji had no idea tha… This even goes as far as Yuno murdering his mom over feared disapproval of their relationship. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2. [Hachi x Nobu] What Hurts the Most - Duration: 3:49. sasukelover7921024 47,393 views. He met Nana through his old friend, Junko, and Hachi originally moved to Tokyo to be closer to him. By that, we could also compare Hachi and Futoshi? 18 "Hachi's Prayer, Nana… Nana views Trapnest as her enemy, since Ren abandoned her for their band, Ren seems to be taken by Reira's singing, and Hachi often chooses Takumi over her. Even though she nurses ambitious dreams of removing herself from her provincial roots and finding her true calling, she ends up traveling to Tokyo with the humble reason of chasing her current boyfriend Shouji Endo. The… She had admired him even before meeting him, because she was already a fan of Trapnest. Besides Shin and Takumi, Reira was also with Yasu for a short period of time in high school, when she attempted to forget Takumi, but Yasu realized that and their relationship did not last. He works as a male prostitute even though his band members are trying to stop him. Layla Serizawa is the singer, Ren is the guitarist, Takumi Ichinose is the bassist, and Naoki Fujieda is the percussionist. However, as they separate, the audience realizes that every single person and situation around them turn out to be shittier than they originally were. He met Nana K. through Nana O. when he came to play mah-jong. Takumi only uses her as his plaything and he knows that she cannot refuse him because she is afraid of loneliness and he is a womanizer. It is interesting to see them bicker and love each other deeply. Press J to jump to the feed. Only slightly on topic but I bet Nana’s partner got protocol32’ed. Their relationship goes through many changes along with the series; starting with the fact that they become roommates in the first chapter and because both of them have pain in their hearts and have lots of trouble, especially Nana O. On the other hand, Nana Komatsu (nicknamed Hachi), is a clumsy, cute and spoiled girl who loves feminine things and who depends on others, while Nana is more independent. Even though it is implied that they did not start dating because they loved each other very much, their relationship preserves and they become more and more serious. But it surprisingly deviates from the usual script. Happy Nana Day 2020! Hachi questions Nana about her relationship with Ren and asks if she still loves him. Language: English Words: 2,245 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 … Nana Osaki is a 20-year-old punk rocker from a different small city, who's coming off a bad breakup with her boyfriend (and former bass player of her band). On one hand, Nana and Hachi’s relationship reflects many queer people’s first experiences before they’ve recognized that aspect of themselves yet. The flash back showed Hachi looking stone faced and emotionless, while Nana was energetic and full of life. Privacy And nana and her stamen are Mitsuru and Kokoro? He is older then others, only one of them who has higher education and their band's leader, so Nobu sometimes teas… Ren was a laid-back and cool type who perfectly matched Nana's bold and direct behavior so their romance was very strong. One of the least messy relationships within NANA is the one between Hachi and Shin. With Romi Pak, Kaori, Brian Drummond, Toshiyuki Morikawa. She quickly befriends Hachi and Nana notes upon meeting Miu for the first time that Miu and Hachi got along well. Nana K. was a die hard Takumi fan and sought comfort from him when she felt excluded from Nana O. It is very possible that Takumi only wants to own Hachi due to his possessive nature, and that Hachi prefers having someone else in control since she is a weak-willed person who is rather dependent. But how does Charlotte depict high school? Squad 26 is the only other squad we have seen besides 13 and 9, and the leader for sure had emotions.. they way he reacted to hearing he’d be fighting alongside Zero Two. Nana is also aware of his feelings, but she sees him more as a protective older brother and someone who would always be by her side. Though he was adopted by the Tagaki couple while still in grade school (at age of 9), they still remained close as brothers. gets debut to ride the publicity. I just don’t see any evidence yet that Hachi thought of Nana as anything more than a teammate, but I did kinda get these comparison vibes from them. He doesn’t know what it likes to express positive emotions. … Hachi is so focused on forming a traditional nuclear family that she can only envision herself with a husband. Shinichi Okazaki (岡崎真一 Okazaki Shin'ichi, born November 1, 1985), also known as Shin (シン、シンちゃん), is the bass player in Blast. Takumi arrives home from London and gives Hachi her engagement ring. When the details of Ren and Nana relationship is leaked blast . Hachi is a person who needs love and easily falls in love in order to function normally, while Nana seeks fame and recognition, mostly because of her tragic past and childhood. Unlike so many other relationships in the series, these two manage to keep their relationship supportive and sweet through the entire series. Let's look at the implications behind perhaps the most significant kiss between Inuyasha and his old flame Kikyou. However, Hachi suddenly realizes that she is pregnant and that the child is most likely Takumi's because they were not protected, so she decides to leave Nobu and starts living with Takumi. 2:30. The anime is 47 episodes and aired for one season. Helplessness because he didn’t know how to help the kids when they were basically ambushed carried away. I don’t think Hachi has any romantic feelings for Nana. Reira has always felt possessive of him and it becomes obvious throughout the series that Takumi is not completely indifferent to her advances. Nana Komatsu is a helpless, naïve 20-year-old who easily falls in love and becomes dependent and clingy to those around her. They are both from the same hometown, but he moved to Tokyo because of his studies and part time job. Nana kisu - Duration: 0:44. His brother is 3 years older than him and despises him. However, Shoji criticized her for being too dependent and that is when she decided to find her own apartment and job. Hachi tells Nana that she missed her period. With [[SeriesHiatus the manga on hiatus since 2009]], the last meeting between both of them raised … Miu Shinoda is a 27-year-old actress who starts sharing a boarding house with BLAST and Yuri. In the end I suspect that Hachi finds Nana and somehow they repair their relationship. Nanas, Komatsu (left) and Oosaki Happy Nana Day 2020! Her first serious relationship was with Shoji, a handsome and reliable art student. The main story begins in 1999, and as of volume 21, reaches March 2002. Pretty much this. Nana hopes to reconnect with Hachi… Nana was the one who comforted Hachi that day and let her cry in her arms. The two become friends and Hachi must balance her relationship with Nana, Black Stones bassist Nobuo Terashima, and rival band leader Takumi Ichinose of Trapnest. Takumi and Hachi are getting married, but its far from a joyous announcement. They meet a couple of years later, thanks to Hachi, who buys the tickets for a Trapnest live show and goes with Nana to watch their performance. After starting friends with benefits type of relationship with Takumi, Nana ended up meeting a man she actually feels connected to. About Takumi and Hatchi are still going strong.Although Hatchi jokes that Takumi is seeing other women (little does she know…) their relationship is actually developing into a stronger one. Junko was introduced to her boyfriend Kyosuke Takakura by their mutual friend Shoji (Hachi's ex-boyfriend) and they started living with each other soon after. When he was little both of his parents were killed in a car accident and he went to live in the same orphanage as Ren. Additionally, Yasu openly declared his love for Nana before meeting Miu, but he decided to never pursue his feelings for her because he is aware of the fact that she and Ren will always love each other. The supposed one night stand (the next day) eventually became an affair as he expressed that he wants Hachi to be only his. So i predict that something similar may trigger Nana disappearance in future. The plot in Nana revolves mostly around their love lives and relationships, and some of the most notable relationships will be covered in this article. The battle between the Imperial Forces and Revolutionary Army’s Night Raid in Akame ga Kill! His relationship with Nana Komatsu public, which up until now has been a secret, goes public—and suddenly an official wedding between him and Hachi is again on the agenda. Nana "Hachi" Komatsu is a 20-year-old Genki Girl from the countryside with a bad habit of falling in love at first sight. The story revolves around their different relationships, mainly romantic, as they seek recognition, fame and affection. After that, he begins a relationship with Asami Matsumoto, also known as Yuri, an adult-film actress who physically resembles Hachi. I’m definitely on the boat that Nana and her stamen had a pretty good relationship, maybe even romantic? 5 Hachi and Takumi This relationship is one that often upsets fans of Nana . I just don’t see any evidence yet that Hachi thought of Nana as anything more than a teammate, but I did kinda get these comparison vibes from them. Though Inuyasha is a heavily action-oriented series, it might be the romance featured that garners the most interest. Nana Vol. Before meeting him, she'd had an affair with a married businessman, Takashi Asano, who left her heartbroken until she met Shoji. Hachi (Nana) is married to Takumi Ichinose. The story of Nana revolves heavily around the romance and relationships of the two characters as one seeks fame and recognition while the other seeks love and happiness. Like Mother and Son; Hachi and Shin One of the least messy relationships within NANA is the one between Hachi and Shin. Does anyone else get the vibe that he was the pre-episode 15 Ichigo of his squad? The Black Stones begin their rise to fame resorting to out of the blue gigs and using Tapnest’s reputation by flaunting that Nana Osaki is Ren’s girlfriend. In episode 14, Nana O. and Nana K. were in a parking lot, soon after Shoji ran out the door after his new girlfriend. He is friendly and optimistic, but at times, he tends to miss the focus of conversations around him. By this I mean simply the love triangle, and not individual personalities. However, it also touches upon some really sensitive issues such as drug use and the consequences that come with it. Nao Komatsu, Hachi's older sister, asks Hachi about Nana. Nana is a 2006 anime series based upon the manga of the same name. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. On the other hand, Nana Komatsu (nicknamed Hachi), is a clumsy, cute and spoiled girl who loves feminine things and who depends on others, while Nana is more independent. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And nana and her stamen are Mitsuru and Kokoro? Or were they taken after he was promoted(?) yup all true. 3:49 . She refused, not only because of her pride, but also because she had dreams and ambitions of her own and she didn't want to be just a popular guitarist's girlfriend. He is on bad terms with his family and that is why he ran away and joined BLAST. Because of her close friendship with Hachi, Miu reveals to her that she would stop cutting herself because she did not want to upset Yasu. Support ** Hachi got pretty The main plot of the series is about the relationship about both Nanas, and how it develops over time. Let's take a closer look at the darker elements of Nana... High school romance is something that most of us have probably experienced. Terms Shin soon realizes that she is not like his other clients and they quickly become close and fall in love. Her nails are reasonably long, mostly painted light pink. She seems to have gone through some deep stuff, and now she is gaining her memories back, and even seem to be locked up.. Hachi is a person who needs love and easily falls in love in order to function normally, while Nana seeks fame and recognition, mostly because of her tragic past and childhood. Verwende Nana --> Nobu and Hachi in Love Grafiken, Cliparts, Stamps und Aufkleber mit unserer kostenlosen Bildbearbeitung, um einmalige Nana --> Nobu and Hachi in Love Bilder, originelle Symbole und eigene Nana --> Nobu and Hachi in Love Bilder zu erstellen und dich kreativ auszutoben. Between the long, monotonous classes, and the great parties with friends, new couples were always being formed. Nana did seem very clingy towards her stamen, but did Hachi have a thing for her? Nana always feels abandon and betrayed by Hachi who follow Takumi like puppy, in same way she was abandon by mother. Casa de Takumi y Hachiko (Nana) Sub Español - Duration: 3:31. Cookie Like there were so many complicated relationships in NANA, that its nice to remember the few healthy relationships in the series like Hachi/Ren and Hachi/Shinobu. There's nothing to really indicate any feelings he may have had toward her, it seemed to me that he thought of her as his squadmate and was troubled that he couldn't be there for her then as he can't be there for the parasites now. Even though they still loved each other very much, they knew that maintaining a long distance relationship was pointless, so they broke up. Do Not Sell My Personal Information Because he grew up in an orphanage and his dream was to make it big, he didn't want to miss this chance, so he invited Nana to go with him. I do not own/claim the music or art ;D. While Junko is very direct and strung-up, Kyosuke is more laid-back and calm. Nana Osaki gives Nana Komatsu the nickname “Hachi” referring to the famous story of Hachiko and because “hachi” is “eight” in Japanese. Nana introduces Hachi to her band Black Stones. Nobuo Terashima (寺島伸夫 Terashima Nobuo), commonly known as Nobu (ノブ) is the guitarist of Blast and was the only person able to befriend Nana Osaki during high school — which coincidentally began their shared love for punk music. Her high school friend Nobu took her there because he wanted to show her how cool Ren's band was. Shin was born in Sweden, he speaks British English with a Swedish accent. But still understand why Hachi chose him, he was ready to provide, and take responsibility for his action, while Nabu was just a wimp and coward. Nana met Ren for the first time at the gig in Meguro, their home town. The film was followed by a sequel, Nana 2, in 2006.Nakashima reprised her role as Nana Osaki, but some of the original … Hachi met Takumi, a leader and bassist of Trapnest, through her interactions with BLAST and Ren. In the future, it is seen that Miu and Yasu remain together and she has cut her long hair. The subreddit for the anime and manga series DARLING in the FRANXX (DarliFra). While being attracted physically to Takumi, she gets emotionally attached to Nobu and he really falls in love with her. Later he became the drummer for Ren's band Brute. Reira is jealous of Hachi for being with him and it seems that she cannot control her feelings. She even tells Nana she’d marry her if she was a man, and feels jealousy when Nana’s #1 fan Misato … Reira and Shin break up, Reira becomes Takumi’s lover. Nana Osaki is carefree and haunted at the same time, and Hachi is unable to see it. Hachi and Shoji's relationship soon goes downhill because Shoji realizes that Hachi loves him only because he loves her back, and he could not feel her real love for him. to whatever position it is that looks over squad 13. Nana --> Nobu and Hachi in Love Grafiken für Kreativität und künstlerischen Spaß.