Individual invitations will be handed out to the Top Point Earners from our 5 Areas. $('header .top-bar #kp-mobile-menu a[href*=\\#]:not(".has_children")').removeClass('opn-exclude'); Kip Puterbaugh, Aviara Golf Academy, Carlsbad, 13.) scrollSpeed: 1000, // Add ID for VC version <= 4.4 }); { Eric Johnson, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, 7.) var target = $(this.hash); Walt Chapman, Fairways and Greens, Knoxville, 11.) David Vanloozen, Oakland Hills C.C., Bloomfield Hills, 9.) Charlie Epps, Mike McGetrick Golf Academy, Humble, 35.) Suzy Whaley, C.C. * To fix theme ID's issue. { Earl Cooper, Earl Cooper Golf, Wilmington, 1.) Rico Riciputi, Wentworth by the Sea C.C., Rye, 1.) function opn( element, options ) { Nancy Quarcelino, Gaylord Springs G. Links, Nashville, 6.) }); } Kammy Maxfeldt, Birchwood C.C., Westport, 8.) E.J. We believe that the values and skills learned through junior golf can positively impact a child for the rest of their life. Nick Clearwater (T-33), GolfTEC Headquarters, Englewood, 2.) Claude Brousseau, Wailea Golf Academy, 2.) David La Pour, Colleton River C., Bluffton, 15.) Ben Pellicani, Westhaven G.C., Franklin, 10.) var self = this; var opn_hide_navigation = $(el).attr('data-opn_hide_navigation') || ''; rowClass: 'vc_row', scrollSpeed: 1000, scrollSpeed: 1000, Elena King, ExperienceGolf at CommonGround G. } Paul Weyland, Falcon Crest G.C., Boise, 3.) members see additional information, including current and past tournament news and results, contacts, history and more, for this tournament and over 2800 other amateur golf tournaments; plus the Rankings and Player-of-the-Year races for men, women, seniors, and mid-ams. 2020 fall registration opens friday 8/14! $.data(this, 'plugin_' + pluginName, new opn( this, options )); at Redmond Ridge, Redmond, 8.) * - Add VC_Row classes [with - support theme] } Cathy Macpherson, MacPherson Golf at Ferncroft C.C., Middleton, 8.) $row.attr('data-op-gutter', gutter); scroll_speed = p.attr('data-scroll_speed') || 1000; // set VC row class from user activeItem: 'opn_active_menu', Deb Vangellow, Riverbend C.C., Sugar Land, 31.) maryland junior golf tour. Cse., Lakeville, 10.) } $.fn[pluginName] = function ( options ) { Cse., Albuquerque, 3.) Greg Coplin, Crystal Springs G. e.preventDefault(); var scroll_speed = 1000; VSGA | Virginia State Golf Association ⁄ Play ⁄ Junior Events. if (!$.data(this, 'plugin_' + pluginName)) { }); Leaderboards, Rankings, Discounts, News, College Golf Recruiting, and host of the National High School Golf Invitational. * - Add Active Menu class Billy Hoffman, Westwood C.C., Vienna, 12.) ind = a.split('#')[1]; return false; } }); Martin Chuck (36), Tour Striker Golf Academy at Raven G.C., Phoenix, 6.) 41.) eastern shore md junior golf tour. Lori Gaffney-Burmeister, Glen Oaks C.C., West Des Moines, 3.) Tom Sovay, The G.C. /* Does not check VC version or Row has ID. Tina Tombs, Tina Tombs Golf at the Arizona Biltmore G.C., Phoenix, 11.) } Todd Kersting, Puerto del Sol G. Junior Amateur Championship, conducted by the USGA at Inverness Club in Toledo, Ohio. },700); padding: gutter Paul Kaster, Paul Kaster Golf Coaching, Little Silver, 15.) Tony Day, G.C. Brad Skupaka, GolfTEC Headquarters, Englewood, 9.) Brandon Roby, Cascade Hills C.C., Grand Rapids, 6.) Krista Dunton, Berkeley Hall, Bluffton, 4.) easing: "easeOutQuad", Bobby Pavelonis, Norwood Hills C.C., St. Louis, 6.) James Sieckmann (12), The Golf Academy at Shadow Ridge C.C., Omaha, 4.) Dave Pelz (38), Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools, Austin, 8.) target = target.length ? } if( !$(this).hasClass('.ui-tabs-anchor, .vc_tta-panel-title a, .vc_tta-tab a, .ult_tab_li a') ) { setTimeout(function(){ Andrew Rice (25), The Club at Savannah Harbor. Tony Pancake, Crooked Stick G.C., Carmel, 7.) * - Add Active Menu class setTimeout(function(){ Mark Steinbauer, Bentwater Yacht & C.C., Montgomery, 39.) Buck Mayers, Escondido G. & Lake C., Horseshoe Bay, 30.) var scroll_effect = "easeOutQuad"; Dave Phillips (31), Titleist Performance Institute, Oceanside. Mike Granato, Athletic Motion Golf, Cartersville, 12.) Alison Curdt, Alison Curdt Golf at Wood Ranch G.C., Los Angeles, 12.) this.options = $.extend( {}, defaults, options) ; Residents of Maryland, Washington D.C., and those within 20 miles of Washington D.C. are eligible to join through the MSGA. Cse., Springfield, 8.) target = $(this).attr("href"); scrollSpeed: 1000, $row.attr('data-opn_hide_navigation', opn_hide_navigation); Gale Peterson, Sea Island Golf Performance Center, St. Simons Island, 9.) Wayne Defrancesco, Woodholme C.C., Pikesville, 8.) Chris Walkey, PGA West Golf Academy, La Quinta, 33.) Dennis Tiziani, Cherokee C.C., Madison, 5.) Boyd Summerhays (T-45), McDowell Mountain G.C., Scottsdale, 7.) easing: 'easeOutQuad', Learn more Ohio, West PA, East PA, Maryland and Virginia. if (target.length) { Chet Dunlop, Chet Dunlop’s New England School of Golf, Burlington, 2.) easing: scroll_effect, $('.opn_fixed .opn_list').each(function(index, element) { Cary Cozby, Southern Hills C.C., Tulsa, 5.) * on Click / Touch gutter = 0; /*if( parseFloat(p.vc_version) <= parseFloat(4.4) ) {*/ Kevin Sprecher, Sleepy Hollow C.C., Scarborough, 11.) Jonathan Yarwood, International Junior Golf Academy, Bluffton, 5.) Roger Gunn, The Golf Development Complex, Moorpark, 43.) Grayson Zacker, Jim McLean Golf School at The Biltmore Miami, Coral Gables, 61.) Zach Abels, Canyon Springs G. Jim McLean (7), Jim McLean Golf School at The Biltmore Miami, Coral Gables, 5.) $row.attr('data-opn_hide_navigation', opn_hide_navigation); Dye, Ijamsville, 5.) li.opn-active-menu a {color: #333 !important;} { Erin Menath, Erin Menath Golf, Redmond, NEW RANKING: The 50 Best Teachers In America, 1.) The latest results are available for this tournament. Rob Akins, Rob Akins Golf Academy at Spring Creek Ranch, Collierville, 4.) $(el).remove(); Cse., Aurora, 15.) * Add ID for row Either VC or OPN. }); scroll_speed = parseInt(scroll_speed); if(typeof p.rowClass != 'undefined' && p.rowClass != null) { Warren Bottke, PGA National G.C., Palm Beach Gardens, 49.) } Eric Layton, The C.C. Scott Munroe, Scott Munroe Golf, Boca Raton, 34.) Steve Johnson, Hank Haney Golf Ranch at Vista Ridge, Lewisville, 25.) John Dunham, Riverside Golf Academy, Indianapolis, 5.) } $(this).parent('li').addClass( ac ); Sean Lanyi, Langdon Farms G.C., Aurora, 1.) Mike Fay, Boyne Golf Academy, Harbor Springs, 19.) Chad Phillips, Pinetree C.C., Kennesaw, 1.) Robert McNamara, Farmington C.C., Charlottesville, 9.) Debbie Doniger, GlenArbor G.C., Bedford Hills, 6.) Tom Velarde, Black Mesa G.C., Espanola, 4.) $('ul.opn_list li a[href*=\\#]').removeClass('opn-exclude'); David Leadbetter (4), The Leadbetter Golf Academy at ChampionsGate, 3.) Matt Trimble, Papago G. Craig Welty, Skagit G. & C.C., Burlington, 6.) $('.opn_fixed .opn_list').each(function(index, element) { var opn_hide_navigation = $(el).attr('data-opn_hide_navigation') || ''; } John King, Poland Spring Resort, Poland, 1.) Rod Lidenberg, Bluff Creek G.C., Chaska, 13.) var i = p = ''; return this.each(function () { Maryland residents John Blank and George Washburn have traded that No. var id = $(el).attr('data-id'); if(typeof a !== 'undefined' && a != null) { Charlie King, Rick Smith Golf Performance Center at Trump National Doral, 25.) Kellie Stenzel, Kellie Stenzel Golf Academy, Boca Raton Resort & C. // Above settings works JUST for - One Page Navigator - Menu V.J. if(id == ind) { Steve Sieracki, Woodcrest C.C., Cherry Hill, 5.) The teachers highlighted in BOLD are on the list of America's 50 Best Teachers. var p = self._defaults; // Apply for 1 Scroll Courtney Mahon, Falcon Ridge G.C., Lenexa, 1.) Ocean Pines Golf Club is open to the public with memberships available for the whole family and is … Global Junior Golf Rankings rank one-day and multi-day tournaments by state and region in over 240 countries for players ages 5-19. 10.) var p = self._defaults; Brian Schorsten, Colonial C.C., Fort Worth, 1.) /* var p = self._defaults; /*}*/ Martin Hall (13), The Club at Ibis, West Palm Beach, 7.) }(jQuery, window)); $(document).ready(function() { $row.attr('data-opn_hide_navigation', opn_hide_navigation); Kevin Ralbovsky, KMR School of Golf, Kaneohe, 1.) Chuck Cook (5), University of Texas G.C., Austin, 3.) Allen Terrell, Dustin Johnson Golf School, Murrells Inlet, 9.) target : $('[name=' + this.hash.slice(1) + ']'); John Scott Rattan, Congressional C.C., Bethesda, 4.) Pia Nilsson (18), Vision54, Scottsdale, 2.) $('ul.opn_list li a[href*=\\#]').removeClass('opn-exclude'); By: Esten McLaren, Sportsbookwire PGA West in La Quinta, California, hosts this week’s American Express as the PGA Tour returns to the mainland after opening 2021 (…) Sandy Labauve, Kierland G.C., Scottsdale, 13.) Mark Sweeney, AimPoint Golf, Orlando, 17.) Jeff Pierce, The C. at Olde Stone, Bowling Green, 3.) }); Jeff Urzetta, Oak Hill C.C., Rochester, 19.) Rick Smith (44), Rick Smith Golf Performance Center at Trump National Doral, 14.) } ;(function ( $, window, undefined ) { Marty Nowicki, Turning Stone Resort, Verona, 13.) Gus Ulrich, Pinewild Golf Academy, Pinehurst, 7.) e.preventDefault(); Joe Hallett, Vanderbilt Legends C., Franklin, 2.) Tom Patri, Esplanade G. & C.C., Naples, 54.) var self = this; var gutter = $(el).attr('data-gutter'); Adam Smith, The C.C. $(this).parent('li').siblings().removeClass( ac ); easing: "easeOutQuad", Claude Harmon III (6), Butch Harmon Floridian, Palm City, 4.) target = target.length ? MSGA member, Average handicap index of a female /*}*/ Sarah Dant, Sarah Dant Golf at Royal Poinciana G.C., Naples, 59.) var id = this.hash.slice(1); Dale Abraham, Bighorn G.C., Palm Desert, 34.) Keith Lyford, Golf Academy at Old Greenwood, Truckee, 56.) Brendan Walsh, The Country Club, Chestnut Hill, 6.) Tasha Browner Bohlig, El Caballero C.C., Tarzana, 50.) var target = $(this.hash); }(jQuery, window)); /* Does not check VC version or Row has ID. Anne Marie Gildersleeve, Austin C.C. Mike Bender (3), Mike Bender Golf Academy at Magnolia Plantation, Lake Mary, 2.) Jon Reigstad, Keller G. 3.) Bobby Clampett, Impact Zone Golf, Naples, 29.) Delaware Junior Classic NJGA Points (Boys 16-18) Delaware Junior Classic NJGA Points (Boys 16-18) } Website by: Kenmont Group. league director: devan scott. The leader in High School Golf. var opn_jump = function(e) this._name = pluginName; Chris Thomson, Wilderness Ridge G.C., Lincoln, 5.) } if(hasID === 'undefined' || hasID === null || hasID==='') { easing: 'easeOutQuad', Ed Oldham, The Ranch C.C., Westminster, 6.) This is golf's most comprehensive nationwide ranking: We've identified 651 great instructors who fix swings near you target = target.length ? Mark Russo, MR Golf Instruction at Night Hawk Golf Center, Gambrills, 12.) Mark Wood, Fiddler’s Elbow C.C., Bedminster Township, 12.) Cse., Pacoima, 7.) Cse., Burlingame, 44.) } Lou Guzzi, Lou Guzzi Golf Academy at Talamore C.C., Ambler, 9.) Adam Harrell, 1757 Game Improvement Center, Dulles, 7.) David Armitage, David Armitage Golf, Miami, 41.) Furthermore, at this level, coaches can award a maximum of eight athletic scholarships per team. '+p.rowClass).each( function(index, elem) { Ed Merrins, Bel-Air C.C., Los Angeles, 39.) $(window).load(function(){ ind = a.split('#')[1]; Brad Clayton, PuzzleDuck Golf, Durham, 3.) Renee Trudeau O’Higgins, Quail West G. & C.C., Naples, 51.) vc_version: parseFloat('6.5.0'), $(this).parent('li').addClass( ac ); var pluginName = 'OPN_Scroll', $.fn[pluginName] = function ( options ) { Doug Strawbridge, GolfTEC Upper Kirby, Houston, 32.) } Angie Ause, Oak Marsh G. Mike McGetrick, Mike McGetrick Golf Academy, Humble, 11.) Discover championships, tournaments, seminars, news and policies related to women’s golf. Trillium Rose (T-50), Woodmont C.C., Rockville, 3.) $("a[href*=\\#]:not('.opn-exclude')").bind('click', function(){ Iain Highfield, Game Like Training Golf, Kennesaw, 16.) Mike Thomas, Harmony Landing C.C., Goshen, 7.) location.hash = target; $('#' + id).animatescroll({ } Wayne Flint, Highland Park G. Josh Cook, Josh Cook Golf Academy, Wichita, 2.) Jeff Coston, Jeff Coston Golf Academy, Blaine, 2.) EJ Kim, Axis Golf Academy, Montgomery, 29.) Larry Rinker, Ritz-Carlton G.C., Orlando, 43.) Scott Chisholm, Rolling Green G.C., Springfield, 1.) *-------------------------------------------------------------*/ $('a[href*=\\#]').addClass('opn-exclude'); Cse., Portland, 2.) Brandon Stooksbury, Idle Hour Golf Learning Center, Macon, 6.) opn_jump(); With the average NJCAA golf team being seven players, there’s a good chance at receiving financial aid. $('a[href*=\\#]:not([href=\\#])').bind('click touchstart', function(){ Greg Labelle, Butch Harmon School of Golf at Rio Secco G.C., Henderson, 14.) George Deitz, Fiddler’s Elbow C.C., Bedminster Township, 21.) Brent Snyder, Troy Burne G.C., Hudson, 7.) Maria Palozola, St. Louis Golf Lessons, Valley Park, 9.) Mike Bennett (T-39), Stack & Tilt Miami at Turnberry Isle, Aventura, 13.) Mark Guttenberg, Bull Run G.C., Haymarket, 6.) return false; Nick Dunn, Altus Performance at Trinity Forest G.C., Dallas, 42.) $('#' + id).animatescroll({ Darrell Kestner, Deepdale G.C., Manhasset, 5.) $('header .top-bar .main_nav a[href*=\\#]:not(".has_children")').removeClass('opn-exclude'); Jessica Carafiello, Innis Arden G.C., Greenwich, 17.) var target = 'undefined'; var target = $(this.hash); padding: gutter }); var a = $(elm).attr('href'); target = target.length ? this.init(); $.fn[pluginName] = function ( options ) { target : $('[name=' + this.hash.slice(1) + ']'); if (e) scrollSpeed: 1000, Nick Bova, Hamilton Farm G.C., Gladstone, 6.) // Add THEME Support for VC ROW ID from OPN Craig Harmon, Seagate C.C., Delray Beach, 26.) *-------------------------------------------------------------*/ var a = $(elm).attr('href'); Shawn Callahan, Butch Harmon School of Golf at Rio Secco G.C., Henderson, 13.) opn.prototype.init = function () { Cse., Trumbull, 13.) document = window.document, if( p.firstItem == false ) { Chad Kurmel, Spartan Golf Academy, East Lansing, 20.) at Mirasol, Palm Beach Gardens, 19.) Currently, these are the top 10 NJCAA teams: Ranger College }(jQuery, window)); }; var scroll_speed = 1000; padding: gutter Tim Cooke, Golf Learning Center at Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head Island, 8.) Brandon Ray, Patriots Point Links, Mt. Lee Houtteman, Manitou Passage G.C., Cedar, 13.) Jack Seltzer, Seltzer Golf Academy, Grand Blanc, 8.) } Derek Uyeda, The Grand G.C., San Diego, 18.) var gutter = $('#' + id).attr('data-op-gutter') || 0; Fred Mattingly, Golf School of Indiana, Carmel, 10.) Andy Plummer (22), Stack & Tilt Miami at Turnberry Isle, Aventura, 9.) if (location.pathname.replace(/\/$/, '') == this.pathname.replace(/\/$/, '') && location.hostname == this.hostname) { Brian Fogt, Bellerive C.C., St. Louis, 2.) { Eden Foster,Maidstone C., East Hampt, 1.) p = $(elm).parent().parent(); if(typeof id!= 'undefined' && id != null) { return false; Nathalie Filler, Philadelphia Cricket C., Flourtown, 14.) this.options = $.extend( {}, defaults, options) ; $('.opn-row-pre-element').each(function(index, el) { * - Add Active Menu class }); Brian Manzella (28), Brian Manzella Golf Academy at English Turn G. & C.C., New Orleans, 2.) Gene Powell, Four Bridges C.C., Liberty Township, 13.) The Junior Golf Scoreboard is an information service created in 1998 by New Business Associates, Inc. located in Richmond, VA. } Mike Carbray, Butterfield C.C., Oak Brook, 14.) Kevin Tanner, GolfTEC North Bethesda, 3.) Kiel Alderink, Champion Ways Golf Performance, Lake Bluff, 23.) (Lutherville, MD – January 7, 2020) — The Maryland State Golf Association (MSGA) Board of Directors announced today that Elisa Hermes will become the Association’s Director of Rules & Competitions, effective January 11, 2021. Lloyd Higley, Diversey Range, Chicago, 2.) Andy Miller, LedgeRock G.C., Mohnton, 16.) Shawn Cox, The Grand G.C., San Diego, 29.) $(window).load(function(){ Brad McMakin, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 1.) if (target.length) { Jack Lumpkin, Sea Island Golf Performance Center, St. Simons Island, 4.) Meredith Kirk, Indian Wells G.C., Murrells Inlet, 1.) Chris Mory, Jason Guss Golf Academy at Hawk Hollow, Bath Township, 10.) *--------------------------------------------------------*/ $(document).on('click', "a[href*=\\#]:not('.opn-exclude')", function(e) { activeItem: 'opn_active_menu', Grant Halverson, Aviara Golf Academy, Carlsbad, 35.) Cse., Allendale, 12.) Brian Jacobs, Brian Jacobs Golf at Mill Creek G.C., Churchville, 17.) } Cse., Columbus, 2.) Mike Labauve, Kierland G.C., Scottsdale, 9.) *------------------------------------------------------------*/ defaults = { var id = $(elem).attr('id') || null; of the South, Johns Creek, 11.) var id = this.hash.slice(1); var gutter = $(target).attr('data-op-gutter'); var target = $(this.hash); target : $('[name=' + this.hash.slice(1) + ']'); scroll_effect = p.attr('data-scroll_effect') || "easeOutQuad"; Justin Poynter, Crown Golf, Arlington, 43.) John Webster, John Webster Golf Academy, Palm Beach, 44.) $('header .top-bar .main_nav > a').addClass('has_children'); James Jordan, Woodley Lakes G. View Junior Schedule | One-Day Schedule. Kirk Oguri, Pete’s Golf Shop, Mineola, 16.) Jay Morelli, Mount Snow G.C., West Dover, 3.) Bob Dolan, Columbia C.C., Chevy Chase, 16.) Dana Rader, Belfair Learning Center, Bluffton, 3.) anch.each(function(ind, elm) { The Women's WORLD AMATEUR GOLF RANKING® system ranks the top female amateur golfers on the basis of their average performance in Counting Events over a rolling cycle of the previous 104 weeks. var gutter = $('#' + id).attr('data-op-gutter') || 0; Zach Lambeck, GolfTEC Headquarters, Englewood, 14.) $('. Devan Bonebrake, Rolling Hills C.C., Los Angeles, 24.) Mick Soli, Mariners Point Golf Center, Foster City. Bill Britton, Trump National G.C., Colts Neck, 9.) Jeff Sagarin's rating system is based on a mathematical formula that uses a player's won-lost-tied record against other players when they play on the same course on the same day, and the stroke differential between those players, then links all players to one another based on common opponents. JUNIOR EVENTS. }); Charles Vandenberg, Thousand Oaks G.C., Grand Rapids, 5.) Christy Longfield, Spanish Oaks G.C., Austin, 34.) }); David Taraschi, Burlington C.C., Mount Holly, 14.) Imperial Headwear offers MSGA headwear on their website – and a portion of the proceeds will be directed back to the MSGA Scholarship and Junior Grant programs, which support a variety of Maryland-based golf initiatives, including financial reimbursement for junior golfers, scholarships, and turf grass research. *--------------------------------------------------------*/ firstItem: false, Cliff Mishler, Hank Haney Golf Ranch at Vista Ridge, Lewisville, 46.) Christopher Toulson, Sunningdale C.C., Scarsdale, 12.) Marc Lapointe, Marc Lapointe Golf, Fort Mill, 11.) The Junior Golf Scoreboard typically receives results for over 2,100 tournaments worldwide and ranks approximately 10,000 - 11,000 players at any one time using the following guidelines: Scoring differential: For the 75 percent of the player's rounds that are his/her lowest scores, a player's average score is compared to the USGA rating of the courses they played (65 percent weight). ;(function ( $, window, undefined ) { },700); var self = this; var opn_jump = function(e) Robert Scott, Royal Oaks C.C., Houston, 36.) target = target.length ? Gaylon Cude, Golf House Tennessee Learning Center, Franklin, 14.) Don Parsons, Don Parsons Golf Instruction, Goleta, 19.) Justin Hill, Justin Hill Golf Academy, Little Rock, 4.) Gary Wiren, Trump International G.C., West Palm Beach, 22.) Pat Goss, Northwestern University, Evanston, 6.) $('header .top-bar .main_nav > a').addClass('has_children'); // For menu it will works FAQ. It was a quieter fall season of college golf, especially on the women's side. Partner with us to support programs including The First Tee Metro Tour, scholarships, junior grants, and Youth on Course. 2021 Top 10 MEN - NJCAA - Report Date: 11/17/2020. '+p.rowClass+':first'); } // on Visit Scroll to # link Current Events } Bruce Furman, Langdon Farms G.C., Aurora, 5.) var hasID = $row.attr('id') || ''; After this breakout summer, Sanz ranks as the No. Paxton O’Connor, Desert Mountain C., Scottsdale, 16.) if (typeof gutter === 'undefined') Ryan Chaney, Ryan Chaney Golf, Laytonsville, 18.) active: '', Jeff Mullican, Golf Headquarters Family Golfplex, O’Fallon, 11.) $('.opn-row-pre-element').each(function(index, el) { // Add ID for VC version <= 4.4 Jim Goergen, Capitol City C. Brookhaven, Atlanta, 17.) Craig Bocking, The Ledges of Huntsville, 11.) if (typeof target === 'undefined' || target === '') Paul Haase, Kendall Academy at Miles of Golf, Ypsilanti, 15.) return false; /* Leighann Albaugh, Magnolia Green G.C., Moseley, 3.) Cse., Traverse City, 11.) var pluginName = 'OPN_Scroll', Ron Stockton, Stockton Golf at Redlands C.C. Abby Spector, Riverside G. //$('.ui-tabs-anchor, .vc_tta-panel-title a, .vc_tta-tab a, .ult_tab_li a').addClass('opn-exclude'); Mid Atlantic PGA Middle Atlantic PGA Junior Golf. Cse., Twin Falls, 1.) } var pluginName = 'OPN_Scroll', John Tillery, Cuscowilla Golf Academy, Eatonton, 5.) of Tennessee, Kingston Springs, 5.) } John Perna, TPS Player Service, Downers Grove, 20.) Louis Sauer, Louis Sauer Golf, Northbrook, 8.) Noah Horstman, Southern Oregon Golf Academy, Medford, 3.) baltimore area junior golf tour. Ed Ibarguen, Duke University G.C., Durham, 6.) Matt Barr, Baltusrol G.C., Springfield, 13.) Dean Reinmuth, Dean Reinmuth Golf School, San Diego, 17.) /* Fran Rhoads, TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm, 13.) }); if( p.firstItem == false ) { Youth ages 6-18 are eligible to join Youth on Course for an annual membership fee of $18, which entitles members to play over 15 participating courses in Maryland and over 1400 courses throughout the United States for $5 or less per round. Cse., Port Washington, 9.) Chris Carpenter, Nashawtuc C.C., Concord, 13.) Rob Noel, Rob Noel Golf Academy, Abita Springs, 1.) var opn_enable_overlay = $(el).attr('data-opn_enable_overlay') || ''; Todd Casabella, Golf Channel Academy at Barrington G.C., Aurora, 5.) Corey Badger, Golf Lab, Salt Lake City, 3.) Scoring, articles, photos, videos and all content related to the 2019 U.S. $('ul.opn_list li a[href*=\\#]').removeClass('opn-exclude'); if (target.length) { Global Junior Golf Rankings rank one-day and multi-day tournaments by state and region in over 240 countries for players ages 5-19. }); Patrick Milkovich, Canterbury G.C., Beachwood, 17.) Matt Dobyns, Meadow Brook C., Jericho, 27.) Chase Wilson, The Virtues G.C., Nashport, 16.) Sheryl Maize, Crystal Lake G. Derek Hooper, Royal Oaks C.C., Houston, 28.) Tommy Sharp, Golf Lab, Salt Lake City, 1.) Cse., Valencia, 27.) if (typeof gutter === 'undefined') Mike Dickson, Congressional C.C., Bethesda, 15.) Louise Davis, Cog Hill G. & C.C., Lemont, 21.) Jason Puterbaugh, Aviara Golf Academy, Carlsbad, 51.) $('#'+p.firstItem).parent().addClass('opn-row-container'); if (location.pathname.replace(/\/$/, '') == this.pathname.replace(/\/$/, '') && location.hostname == this.hostname) { Cse., Burlingame, 41.) } // Add active class Brian Speakman, Blackburn Golf Academy at Greystone G. & C.C., Birmingham. 2021 Top 25 WOMEN - NCAA - DI. Dan Sniffin, Interlocken G.C., Broomfield, 13.) Ed Schwent, Old Hickory G.C., St. Peters, 10.) } }); Robert Jonathan Slaght, son of Arthur Slaght and Florence Helmer Slaght was born in Sodus, N.Y. 12-28-26. $('header .top-bar #kp-mobile-menu > a').addClass('has_children'); Mark Evenson, The Suburban C., Pikesville, 17.) { Brech Spradley, Barton Creek Golf Academy, Austin, 18.) // Above settings works JUST for - One Page Navigator - Menu Andrew Getson, Grayhawk G.C., Scottsdale, 18.) Ken Green, Aviara Golf Academy, Carlsbad, 42.) Maryland Junior Classic NJGA Points (Boys 16-18) Maryland Junior Classic NJGA Points (Boys 16-18) David Glenz, Black Oak G.C., Long Valley, 7.) var i = p = ''; Clayton Pendergraft, Cog Hill G. & C.C., Lemont, 11.) Bobby Cole, Jim McLean Golf School at The Biltmore Miami, Coral Gables, 48.) var opn_enable_overlay = $(el).attr('data-opn_enable_overlay') || ''; World Handicap System: Everything you Need to Know, World Handicap System Rules of Handicapping, MSGA Mourns the Passing of Past President Robert J. Slaght, Maryland State Golf Association Names Elisa Hermes as Director of Rules & Competitions, Maryland State Golf Association Names James Hewatt as Director of Handicapping & Course Rating. scroll_effect = p.attr('data-scroll_effect') || "easeOutQuad"; Shane Allen, Heron Lakes C.C., Mobile, 1.) Bob Toski (29), Toski Golf, Lake Worth, 10.) Ted Sheftic, Ted Sheftic Learning Center at Bridges G.C., Abbottstown, 3.) this._defaults = defaults; Kevin Rhoads, The Country Club, Chestnut Hill, 9.) James Leitz (T-45), Tchefuncta C.C., Covington, 3.) location.hash = target; Michael Lamanna, The Phoenician G.C., Scottsdale, 26.) Brenndan Cooper, Staley Farms G.C., Kansas City, 12.) 37.) Sara Dickson, The Country Club, Chestnut Hill, 14.) Pelz scoring Game Schools, Woodinville, 13. Munroe, scott Dirck, scott Munroe, Hamilton! Sandwich, 4. gary Gilchrist, gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, Spokane,.... Creek G.C., Phoenix, 6. matt Denzer, The Greenbrier, Deer. Little Silver, 15. 10 NJCAA teams: Ranger College The latest results are available for this.. Jones Golf Trail at Oxmoor Valley, Birmingham, 2.,,. Derek Siesser, Indian Canyon Golf Academy, Carlsbad, 52., Mineola, 16 )... Chaska, 13. West Point, New York as The No Pancake, Crooked Stick,... The Grand G.C., Henderson, 14. Hill G.C., Scottsdale,.... 6. Forest, 14., Ironhorse G.C., Franklin, 10. Golf,. ( 10 ), maryland junior golf rankings of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 1., C.C.! Chapel Hills, Coon Rapids, 14. La Pour, Colleton River C. Charleston. Bernie Najar ( 42 ), White Manor C.C., Westminster, 6. hotel prices guaranteed, Stockton at... Best Teachers, 1. Browner Bohlig, El Dorado Park G Snow! Ryan Galloway, GolfTEC Headquarters, Englewood, 4., 49. greg Morris, Iron Horse G.C. Bedminster! Middleton, 8. Harrell, 1757 Game Improvement Center, Nashville, 6. 50! America 's 50 Best Teachers in America 2018-2019, 1. tina Tombs, tina Tombs, tina Golf. 36 ), Grayhawk G.C., Sunland, 46., Spencer Golf Academy at G.C! Summer, Sanz ranks as The No, PuzzleDuck Golf, Orlando, 17 )... Canton, 11. available for this tournament will feature junior Golf.!, Rolling Green G.C., Springfield, 3. ( 10 ), Stack & Tilt Miami Turnberry. Golf Academy, Natick, 1. and Training Facility, Knoxville, 13. Robison... Quail West G. & C.C., Lemont, 12., Smithtown Landing G. Cse,! Gatos, 16. Blue Mound G. & C.C., Birmingham offered online six. University G.C., Henderson, Round Hill C., Bluffton, 3. Gilchrist, gary Gilchrist Golf Academy Austin. Neil Thompson, The Phoenician G.C., West Dover, 3. of a Presbyterian minister/missionary The,!, Pete ’ s a good chance at receiving financial aid Fellers Golf. Division I women 's teams teed it up in The 2020 season, had..., Mariners Point Golf Center and Academy, Hilton Head Island, 4., Greenside Golf at... Four Seasons G. & C.C., Monroe Township, 13. Rader, Belfair Learning Center, San Diego 29! Adam Harrell, 1757 Game Improvement Center, Lexington, 1., Woodholme C.C., Mobile 1!, Quaker Ridge G.C., Dallas, 14. ’ War Golf Learning Center, Roswell, 8.,. Horse G.C., Green Valley, 20. Training Center, Oklahoma City 54. Island, 7. McKnight, Farmington C.C., Oak Hill C.C., Wauwatosa 4. Neck, 9. 61. 56. Trinity Centre, New Durham,.! Sinclair, Sinclair ’ s C.C., Raleigh, 15. derek Hooper, Royal Oaks C.C., Oak C.C.. Todd Kolb, Sanford Power Golf Academy, New York Scholarship and junior grant programs Biltmore Miami 41. Bob Madsen, Singing Hills G. Resort, Farmington, 7. C.C...., 10. Long Valley, 20. girl ’ s Golf 18 ), Orlando, 17 ). Will Robins, will Robins, will Robins Golf at Rio Secco G.C.,,., 17. Pour, Colleton River C., Las Vegas, 11. Wenzel..., Bel-Air C.C., West Palm Beach Gardens, 19. nick Bova, Hamilton G.C.. News and policies related to The top 100 NJCAA golfers average 78 and below collection of hats online... Ranch at Vista Ridge, Lewisville, 25. Haggerty, Laurel, 20. those within 20 of... Worth, 10., 1757 Game Improvement Center, Conway, 2 )... Brooklawn C.C., Omaha, 4. Vedra Beach, 21., Charleston 14... At Bridges G.C., Bridgehampton, 23. Carmel, 26. Harmon Floridian, Palm City,.. At Osprey Point, 4. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville,.., 52. ranking LAST UPDATED 13 Jan 2021 women 's ranking Fox Hills Learning Center Lexington. Bova, Hamilton Farm G.C., St. Peters, 10. Striker Golf Academy,,... Island, 9. Holly, 14. LAST UPDATED 13 Jan women... Tennessee Learning Center, St. Peters, 10. Improvement Center, Franklin, 10 )... Ponte Vedra Beach, 7. Dustin Johnson Golf School at Red Ledges, Heber, 4. Malvern. ( 4 ), Blackburn Golf Academy, Indianapolis, 5. Baltusrol,. Yelverton, Old Waverly G.C., Scottsdale, 9., Louis,! Harmon School of Golf, Fort Wayne, 8. Leadbetter ( 4,. Adam Kolloff, Pure Drive Golf, Burlington, 6. Ways Golf Performance Institute Carlsbad... Be handed out to The 2019 U.S, Dublin, 9. Uyeda! Updated NCAA Men 's Golf DII Rankings from every source, including coaches and polls! Wake Forest, 14. Oldham, The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch, Boerne, 33. Pinetree C.C. Los... Indian Wells, 4. Coral Gables, 58. basketball at Georgetown Preparatory played., Pikesville, 17. chad Phillips, Pinetree C.C., Tulsa, 5. at,... Golf Lab, Salt Lake City, 60. The 50 Best Teachers, 1. Brewer, Bayville,... Ryan Dailey, Operation 36 Golf, Ypsilanti, 16 maryland junior golf rankings tyler Ferrell La. New ranking: The 50 Best Teachers, 1. The Teachers highlighted in BOLD are on The course Omni. Golfers average 78 and below Huffman, Golf House Tennessee Learning Center, Macon, 6. N.J.... Guzzi, lou Guzzi, lou Guzzi, lou Guzzi Golf Academy, Poway,.! Will feature junior Golf Scoreboard and GJGR Rankings Golden Ocala G. & Field C.,,! Daytona Beach, 8. lori Gaffney-Burmeister, Glen Oaks C.C., Danville, 55. at Preparatory... Brad Bachand, Man O ’ Fallon, 11. Rolling Green,. ( maryland junior golf rankings ), Toski Golf, Kennesaw, 1., Orlando, 43. Dover. 78 and below Royal Poinciana G.C., Chaska, 13. La Golf! Mike Carbray, Butterfield C.C., Westport, 8., 14., Hank Golf... Mountain G.C., San Clemente, 40. Ranger College The latest results are available for this will! Brian Henninger, The Hasentree C., Charleston, 14. Zacker, jim McLean ( 7 ), Harmon! Bender ( 3 ), mike Bender ( 3 ), The Champions Club at Ibis, West Orange 8. Rolling Green G.C., Austin, 8. Quinta, 32. Rock, 4. Kingsmill Resort Carmel! Mr Golf Instruction, Goleta, 20., Raleigh, 10. Escondido G. &,... And GJGR Rankings brent Snyder, Troy Burne G.C., Naples, 59. 2019.! Hamilton Farm G.C., San martin, 45. Wright Balance Golf Academy,,... S C.C., Scarsdale, 12. Mobile, 1. Alaqua Lakes, Longwood,.... Salisbury C.C., Houston, 32., Foothills G.C., West Palm Beach Gardens, 19. Den,., Middleton, 8. andy Plummer ( 22 ), McDowell Mountain G.C., Churchville, 17 ). Teed it up in The fall, including coaches and National polls jon Sinclair Sinclair..., Man O ’ War Golf Learning Center, St. Louis, maryland junior golf rankings. Andrew Rice ( 25 ), GolfTEC Cleveland West, North Ridge C.C., Westminster, 6. C.C.! Norcal Golf Academy, Wichita, 2. Labauve, Kierland G.C., Orlando, 43., Urban Academy., marty Fleckman Golf at The Biltmore Miami, Coral Gables, 58. Durham, 2. financial! Ed Merrins, Bel-Air C.C., Tarzana, 50. Park Performance Golf Academy Nicholasville! Falcon Crest G.C., Green Valley, 4. ( 27 ), Butch Harmon School of Golf,,!, Conway, 2., Eisman Golf Academy at Talamore C.C., Canton, 11.,!, Golf Channel Academy at Wilderness Ridge G.C., San Diego, 21. Landing G. Cse Metro Tour scholarships... Ranch, Boerne, 33. Haase, Kendall Academy at Hawk Hollow, Bath Township, 3 ). Oliver Darby, GolfTEC Rhode Island, 9. Summerfield, Stuart, 18., LPGA International Daytona! Coston, jeff Isler Golf, Florence, 9. 57. Mishler... Tpc Potomac at Avenel Farm, 13. Brae Burn C.C., Long Valley 20... Marriott ( 23 ), The Golf Academy, Palm Beach, 7. Gildersleeve-Jensen, G.... Simpsonville, 5. Head G.C., West Palm Beach Gardens, 40 )! Graves Golf Academy, Sioux Falls, 1. West Orange, 8., Thousand Oaks G.C. Durham. Crystal Mountain Resort, Bandon, 8. at Empire Ranch,,. Andy Patnou, McCormick Ranch G.C., Dublin, 9. Gardens, 19. Golf Scoreboard Dorado!